Ugly Grand Forks Council Meeting, Police Escort Developers & Councilman To Their Vehicles

GRAND FORKS, ND ( It was another heated debate over a proposed $700-million corn milling plant in Grand Forks. Police escorted developers and a councilman to their vehicles, after the meeting.


  1. stupid, china don't even get along with us, last i knew we may go to war with them, our US military will kick there a#@ any way, where are they going to find all these workers, we have a shortage of work force right now. this would be a big mistake

  2. How embarrassing to be that ignorant. I'm sure they called Q to make sure they knew exactly what to say at the meeting.

  3. some of these millennials have left comments thhat have me worried that we don't have a chance in hell to fend off china when the day comes. These idiots will welcome it.

  4. Pretty much a done deal why do you think they waited until now 2 years later? The citizens have absolutely no say in this, pockets have already been filled! Don't like it? vote those traitors out of office!

  5. Down right stupid if you ask me when every place in town is hiring half of these businesses can’t even operate normal hours and you want to bring in 250 new jobs? Stupid help your own towns economy the locals who have been grinding their asses off for years

  6. People who are bad know, when good people stand for their freedom. It's obvious, gf peeps don't need this in our lives. And, no the City would NEVER know when our air force base was infiltrated. Thats, a most obvious lie.

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