UFO Sighting Reported in Minnesota on Wednesday Morning

DORSET, MN (trfnews.i234.me) Hubbard County, Minnesota Deputies were called to investigate a reported UFO sighting by the town of Dorset, early Wednesday morning.
with our country at edge awaiting election day results on this wednesday morning something really strange out of hubbard county minnesota northeast of park rapids at dorsett deputies were called to investigate a possible ufo sighting the environment over the dark city thinks it might be an asteroid that’s stationary in the sky don’t forget your aluminum foil hat yeah i think i got one in the back i have located the object looks like it’s a stationary satellite but i’m unsure it’s about my favorite now as you heard a deputy radioed in that he thought it could be a stationary satellite but wasn’t sure it also sounded like some photos were being taken we’ll try to get a hold of those and hopefully show you later today also radio traffic indicated that a government agency was being contacted to try and get an eye on the object and determine exactly what it is i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


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