Two Injured Over the Weekend in Beltrami County

Two people were injured in a two-vehicle accident in Beltrami County Sunday morning.

According to the State Patrol Scott Snyder, (57) of Bemidji, was driving a 2010 Ford Van westbound, while Dean Wendorff, (35) of Solway, was driving a 2011 Ford F-150 westbound. Snyder’s van was stopped at the stop light when Wendorff struck him from behind.

Wendorff received non-life-threatening injuries and was also taken to Bemidji Sanford. He was traveling alone. Snyder suffered no apparent injury, while a passenger, Christopher Morotta, (33) of Bemidji, received non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the Bemidji Sanford Hospital.

The State Patrol says the accident occurred along U.S. Highway 2 at Moberg Drive near Bemidji around 9:30 am.

All involved were wearing their seat belts.