Two Charged with Intent to Escape Tax Following Traffic Stops

Russell Shay Thrasher

Two people have been charged with attempting to escape motor vehicle registration tax.

Julia Marie Francis, (33) and Russell Shay Thrasher, (29) both of Thief River Falls, were charged following separate traffic stops Monday afternoon. Francis was stopped at 1st Street and Saint Paul Avenue just after 2 pm, Thrasher was stopped while on the 300 Block of Main Avenue South just after 4 pm.

According to the report, an officer saw that a dark Buick had no registration. “The vehicle was displaying a green star with the number 13 and an American flag for a license plate. Francis allegedly told the officer that “this is a private automobile and that she doesn’t need registration”. Authorities say she stated during the traffic stop that she “hasn’t paid for registration for at least ten years”.

According to the Thrasher report, police pulled over a red Tacoma pickup displaying a “red license plate with a green star on the front and a nongovernment-issued plate on the rear”. Police seized the plates as evidence.

Both were taken to the Pennington County Law Enforcement Center for booking.

Francis also faces a charge of Obstruction of Legal Process.


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