1. Nice way to discredit yourself and as liberal moron……..the SUSPECT says he did it because the victim was a republican but trump is a liar? Give your head a shake libtard

  2. If your going to report that a earlier report was incorrect don't you think you should report what the correction is not just the former was incorrect. So what was the fight about if it wasn't political. I used to think your channel just gave the facts but you have shown just what your about with this bs.

  3. Just to get this straight the Suspect says i killed him because he was a republican extremist, but the press says he was not. So even though the suspect admitted to killing him because of politics, It had nothing to do with politics?

  4. No what they should be ashamed of is the native American protest that happened in Bismarck nd never hit the media big

  5. He admitted it was because it was a republican. Way to spread the woke news Carl man it's sickening that you would even consider this. A radical left did this nothing else you know this is BS why you trying to say something that's not true Carl.

  6. Seems to me it was the media such as yourself that reported that it was over political views. So basically your running a fake news 🙄
    Blame yourself first!!

  7. Are you actually serious? Come on! The BRANDT was the one who made the claim on the 911 call! For you to poo poo this story is a load of crap, just like the AP story! Brandt also stated that he thought Ellingson was calling others to come and take care of him, when in actuality he was calling his dad to say he was scared because Brandt was chasing him! Time to get your head out of Biden's butt and go back to reporting news unbiased! I am really getting sick of this BS!

  8. Nice of you to show a Trump Rally for those who don't know what they're missing .. thanks and now more will join MAGA LOL.. only a coward believes in censorship

  9. Right now only Trump and the killer are saying it was politically motivated. The cops say it wasn't. So I guess Trump is siding with the killer and you guys don't trust the cops. Beautiful.

  10. I guess if you all still believe the guy was politically motivated then I'd ask why you don't trust the state police? They are the ones who said there is no evidence that matches what Trump is saying almost a week after the kid died.

  11. Seems like iNewz is going out of their way to portray “nothing to see here!” Just a friendly disagreement! Why is it the comment tally is 13 at
    the time I am leaving mine but only 1 comment shows.

  12. Did the suspect originaly say the kid was a republican extremist and thats why he ran the kid down? If so, the suspect created a false story not President Trump.

  13. Trumps false narrative? Its your narrative. You reported that Brandt said it was political. As a matter of fact THE SAME DAY Trump had his rally you posted a report about the AG offering to help prosecute bc it was potentially politically motivated. You read it yourself from the criminal complaint on one of your earlier reports. "Brandt admitted to consuming alcohol and admitted to striking him with his car because he had a political argument with the pedestrian." You read that. So just because he lawyered up and changed his story you think it's ok to act like Trumps pushing a false narrative? I guess that makes you just as guilty since you were still reporting on it the same way that day.

  14. Funny how Liberals will LIE !!! on the AP wire and change the story so it paints a better picture of the loony left !! WE all KNOW WHY HE RAN OVER THIS KID, HE ADMITTED IT !

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