TRF Police Report 6-12-2021
TRF Police Report 6-12-2021

Felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, speeding 97/60, and a railroad stop sign violation

On May 14 at about 7:14 p.m., the sheriff’s office received a report that officers were trying to catch up to a motorist who was traveling at a high rate of speed on Highway 32, north of Thief River Falls. Cory Robert Jones, 33, Warren, has been charged with felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, speeding 97/60, and a railroad stop sign violation. He was arrested. A sheriff’s deputy allegedly clocked Jones traveling 97 mph in a 60- mph zone near the intersection of Highway 32 and 190th Street Northeast. The deputy attempted to stop Jones; however, he continued driving and failed to stop for a railroad stop sign. Jones attempted to turn onto 130th Avenue Northeast, but there was traffic approaching from the west and he was unable to do so. The deputy drove his squad vehicle alongside Jones’s vehicle and tried to direct him to stop. Jones nearly rammed the squad vehicle, but he eventually pulled over. The deputy drew his weapon and ordered Jones out of the vehicle, according to the complaint. Jones apologized a few times, saying there was an emergency. At one point, he said his dog had jumped out of the vehicle and was running around. The dog was placed inside his vehicle and later brought to the home of Jones’ father. Later, Jones said someone was playing a joke on him that involved his pregnant girlfriend. He showed the deputy his cell phone, but the deputy only saw texts involving a party and someone referring to driving safely. Jones allegedly admitted traveling 100 mph. A Marshall County sheriff’s deputy later informed the Pennington County deputy that the vehicle chase had begun north of Middle River.

Third-degree driving while impaired

On May 16 at about 9:32 p.m., police received a report that a vehicle had struck a light pole along Columbia Avenue South. The caller said the driver may have been drinking alcohol. Lisa Marie Swanson, 43, Thief River Falls, has been charged with third-degree DWI. She was arrested. Upon arriving at the scene, police allegedly found Swanson attempting to move her vehicle away from the light pole. She was unsuccessful. Police requested the Thief River Falls Area Ambulance after Swanson said her neck and head hurt, according to the complaint. An officer noticed that there was a crack in the windshield that may have resulted from Swanson’s head hitting it. After EMS staff cleared Swanson, she failed field sobriety tests. Sometime later, she allegedly said she didn’t have to pretend not to be drunk anymore and asked if she had done a good job acting like she was sober.


Third-degree DWI

On May 5 at 1:39 p.m., police performed a traffic stop. Anita Kay Hendrickson, 71, Thief River Falls, has been charged with third-degree DWI. She was arrested and later released. Hendrickson was allegedly slowly driving – at about 7 mph – along Greenwood Street with the vehicle trunk open. Nothing was inside the trunk at the time that would have prevented it from being closed.

Hendrickson, Anita Kay
Hendrickson, Anita Kay

Fourth-degree DWI and third-degree refusal to submit to a chemical test

On May 11 at 11:03 a.m., police received a report that a driver was “bumping” into curbs and had rear-ended another vehicle. The suspect vehicle was later located in the parking lot of Sanford Behavioral Health Center. Kristjan John Martin, 23, Grand Forks, N.D., has been charged with fourth-degree DWI and third-degree refusal to submit to a chemical test. He was arrested and later released. Police were initially unable to locate Martin, who had gone into the center. However, according to the complaint, they told security staff to notify the police if he left and appeared to be unfit to drive. About 10 minutes after police left, a security staff member reported that it appeared Martin was under the influence of something. Police allegedly found Martin in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The keys were next to him on the center console. Martin, who appeared slow and lethargic in all of his interactions with police, said he had taken insomnia medication a night earlier. He later failed field sobriety tests. A police officer, who is trained in drug recognition, believed Martin was under the influence of a central nervous system depressant and unfit to drive. He allegedly refused to submit blood or urine samples for testing.

Martin, Kristjan John
Martin, Kristjan John

Driving after cancellation – inimical to public safety

On May 17 at about 7:15 a.m., police performed a traffic stop after observing a driver traveling on Westview Avenue. Raymond Mylo Rondestvedt, 56, Thief River Falls, has been charged with driving after cancellation – inimical to public safety. He was arrested. Rondestvedt allegedly told the officer that he was waiting to have an ignition interlock installed in his vehicle, according to the complaint. After he saw the officer, he tried to drive home and planned to call a coworker since he knew he wasn’t supposed to be driving.


Felony fifth-degree controlled substance, felony methamphetamine-related crimes involving children, and warrant apprehension

On or around May 12 and May 13, a confidential, reliable informant allegedly saw meth, a meth pipe with a powdery substance, and two hypodermic needles at 118 Conley Ave. S., Apartment 1. Pamela Marie Lill, 46, Thief River Falls, has been charged with felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime and felony meth-related crimes involving children. She was arrested. Richard Wayne Reierson, 33, was arrested on a body-only warrant out of Pennington County. The charges stemmed from an ongoing drug investigation involving Lill, according to the complaint. The confidential, reliable informant also reported short-term foot traffic to and from Lill’s apartment. A Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force officer conducted surveillance, seeing multiple people coming and going from the apartment. He also learned that a 10-year-old child lived in a nearby apartment. A search warrant was soon executed. Inside Lill’s apartment, law enforcement allegedly found Lill and Reierson. They found $734 in cash, a scale, a meth pipe containing residue, and two plastic baggies containing a total of 0.99 grams of suspected meth. Lill admitted using meth a couple of days earlier. She said she receives $534 in unemployment every week and the cash was her rent money. The complaint indicated that the cash was located near the drug items.

Felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime

On May 14, police received a report that a man had been sleeping in his car for more than an hour and may be impaired. Ian Michael Lane, 22, Thief River Falls, has been charged with felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime. He was arrested. According to the complaint, police found him sleeping in the driver’s seat with a zip-top bag of oxycodone pills in between his legs. Lane allegedly admitted buying 30 oxycodone pills for $20 per pill.