TRF man sentenced for terroristic threats
TRF man sentenced for terroristic threats

A Thief River Falls man was sentenced Monday, Nov. 30 in Pennington County District Court for a felony charge of terroristic threats.

A misdemeanor charge of domestic assault was dismissed against Garrick Lee Martin, 38. For the terroristic threats charge, Martin was sentenced to 21 months in prison stayed for five years. He was ordered to serve supervised probation for five years. Martin was ordered to complete the Domestic Abuse Batterers’ Intervention Program and a chemical assessment. He was ordered to not use or possess firearms, ammunition or explosives. Martin was ordered to provide a DNA sample. He was also ordered to pay $210 in fees and fines.

The charges stemmed from a 911 call at about 1:33 a.m. Aug. 1, according to the complaint. The dispatcher was unable to speak with the caller, but she could hear fighting in the background. The call came back to the area of Main Avenue and Fourth Street. An officer later determined the call came from 111 Fourth St. E. #3. He could hear a man yelling at a woman, saying she should call the cops and he would kill them, too.

The officer could hear the man repeatedly saying that he would kill the woman and that she should call the cops. The officer pounded on the door, which was locked. He then kicked in the door, finding a woman covered in blood. The officer radioed for an ambulance. Martin was observed nearby in the apartment. He told the officer to handcuff him or it wouldn’t be good for the officer.

The complaint indicated that the woman said Martin had been drinking in the apartment and then left for a couple of hours to go to a bar. While he was arriving home, she could hear him yelling. Martin didn’t have his keys, so she let him inside. Martin was upset and hostile. He began throwing things, including his television, which put a hole in the wall.

The woman then yelled that his behavior needed to stop. Martin charged her, punching her about three times in the face and head area. This caused her to fall backwards. Martin then got on top of the woman, making it hard for her to breathe. Somehow the woman was able to call 911. She attempted to talk to the dispatcher since she felt Martin would act on his threats to kill her and he was “going crazy.”

An ambulance crew checked on the woman, who refused to be transported to the hospital since she didn’t have any insurance. The complaint indicated that Martin had a 0.22 blood alcohol content. His blood sugar was high, so jail staff refused to book him until he was medically cleared by medical staff.