TRF man charged with interfering with a 911 call
TRF man charged with interfering with a 911 call

On April 10 at about 10:18 p.m., dispatch received a 911 hangup call from the 1200 block of Christopher St.

Hunter Daniel Blazek, 22, Thief River Falls, has been charged with interference with a 911 call and domestic assault. He was arrested.

A dispatcher called the phone number back and learned that a woman had allegedly been assaulted while in a car. Upon responding to the area, a police sergeant encountered Blazek, who exited the car and walked toward the sergeant. The woman remained in the car.

According to the complaint, Blazek said the woman had accused him of cheating on her and began hitting him while he was driving. The woman exited the vehicle and walked toward him and the sergeant. She said that Blazek had pushed her head against a passenger window, grabbed the phone away from her while she was calling 911, and then she swung at him.

A sheriff’s deputy arrived, and the two of them were separated. Both of them said they had left a friend’s home after she announced that she wanted to go home. On the way home, the incident occurred after she accused him of cheating on her. The woman told the sergeant that the phone dropped by her feet after Blazek had grabbed it. She said he grabbed her arm with his hand and used his arm to push her against the car window as their vehicle drove past the Law Enforcement Center. She then swung at him.

The sergeant observed a red mark on the woman’s forehead and light red marks on her arm. The woman attributed both marks to the assault. Blazek allegedly said the woman calls 911 and hangs up because “that’s what she does.” He said she called 911 and then refused to talk.

Blazek said the woman had allegedly started hitting him and he had used his hand to block her swings. The phone was then knocked out of her hands. He denied pushing her into the window or grabbing the phone. Blazek said the phone, not him, caused the mark on the woman’s forehead.

Blazek said the woman swung at his neck and chest area, but he didn’t believe there were any marks. The sergeant observed no such marks.

The complaint indicated that Blazek was cooperative with law enforcement.