TRF man charged with felony domestic assault
TRF man charged with felony domestic assault

A Thief River Falls man has been charged in Pennington County District Court after he allegedly dragged his ex-girlfriend across a floor, cradled her and squeezed her hard, and slapped her multiple times.

Dallas James Berg, 37, has been charged with felony domestic assault.

He was arrested.

The complaint indicated that Berg had been convicted of domestic assault in 2018 and violating a restraining order in 2019. The woman suffered bruises on her arms and rug burn on her elbows, according to the complaint.

Photographs were taken of her injuries. After talking with the woman, police provided her with a card for the Violence Intervention Project. The officer found Berg sleeping in the woman’s apartment unit. He allegedly said the woman “has mental health issues and it’s all in her head,” according to the complaint.

Berg said the two of them had argued, but he said there was no physical altercation. It was the second time that day that the officer had handled a situation involving Berg. At about 8:15 p.m. Friday, the woman’s roommate approached a police officer who was sitting inside his squad car parked outside of the Law Enforcement Center.

The man wanted to know what it would take to have Berg removed from his apartment at 409 Atlantic Ave. N., according to the complaint.

The man reported that his female roommate wanted Berg there, but he didn’t want the other man there. The officer advised the roommate that Berg had a right to be there since the woman wanted Berg there. The man was also told about the eviction process.

About an hour and a half later, the man called the officer on his work cell phone, indicating he and his roommate wanted Berg out of the apartment. After arriving at the scene, the officer encountered the woman, who wanted to press domestic assault charges against Berg. The woman said Berg entered the apartment, but she wasn’t sure if she had let him inside or if he had entered through a window.

She allegedly said Berg was upset because he thought she told her roommate that she was done helping Berg. While the woman was sitting on a couch, Berg grabbed her by the leg and dragged her onto the floor. He then cradled her and squeezed her harder and harder, leading the woman to ask if she was the man’s slave. He said yes.

At one point, Berg allegedly slapped the woman on the back of the head a few times; however, she told the officer that the hits weren’t fullforce hits. The woman also said Berg had jammed his knuckles into her arms, causing bruises. During the incident, Berg allegedly talked multiple times about killing someone and saying “today is the day.” She said he listed multiple names and asked if he should kill them.

The woman gave a note to her roommate, hinting that he needed to call law enforcement. The woman’s roommate allegedly said he returned home to find a yelling Berg with his arm around the woman’s head/neck, pushing her head down. The roommate then left the apartment and returned to find Berg sleeping on the couch.

He said the woman soon gave him a note to call law enforcement, which he did. When police arrived at the apartment building, the woman was at a neighbor’s apartment. The neighbor allegedly told police that the woman was “worked up” when she arrived at his apartment and she told him that Berg had dragged her across the floor by her leg.

Dallas James Berg
Dallas James Berg