TRF man charged after meth found in home occupied by infant
TRF man charged after meth found in home occupied by infant

A Thief River Falls man has been charged in Pennington County District Court after he allegedly possessed methamphetamine in a home where his infant child also lives.

Timothy Robert Freeman, 32, has been charged with felony meth-related crime involving children, felony fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance – over 0.25, and petty misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. He was arrested.

A 72-hour health and welfare hold was placed on Freeman’s infant daughter.

The charges stemmed from a warrant check Monday, Feb. 14 at Freeman’s home, 15275 Terry St. According to the complaint, a sheriff’s deputy and a police officer had gone there since Freeman had a misdemeanor warrant. Another man, presumably Freeman’s roommate, had a felony warrant out for his arrest. Freeman answered the door while holding his daughter.

While standing in an entryway, the officer allegedly saw “a glass pipe that appeared to be used for smoking an illegal substance, a cotton swab with black residue on each end, and a pill bottle.” The officer later confiscated the items. The deputy told Freeman that he wouldn’t arrest Freeman if Freeman could find someone to watch the baby and then pay bail.

Using the deputy’s work phone, Freeman arranged to have a woman watch the baby. As he prepared to leave the home with the deputy, Freeman grabbed a sweatshirt and shook it out. A phone charger and bag fell out, but he left the items on the floor. The deputy then drove Freeman to a friend’s home elsewhere in Thief River Falls to obtain $100 for his bail money. From there, they went to the Law Enforcement Center, where Freeman paid his bail.

The officer soon took Freeman home since the deputy had received another call. After the deputy returned to the LEC, he learned the pipe and cotton swab allegedly tested positive for meth. Since a baby lived at the home, the deputy applied for and was granted a search warrant for Freeman’s home. It was executed at 2:29 a.m. Tuesday, about half an hour after it had been signed. The deputy and other officers knocked on a door, saying multiple times that it was the sheriff’s office and they had a search warrant.

After waiting for a reasonable amount of time for a response, they opened a sliding glass door and entered the home. Freeman, who was holding his daughter, then opened a second door. Upon seeing the child, the deputy informed other officers to lower their firearms. In a bedroom, law enforcement allegedly found a bag containing three plastic bags of meth and a glass pipe. The same bag had apparently fallen out of Freeman’s sweatshirt when the deputy and police officer initially went to his home.

The three bags contained a total of 3.6 grams of meth. They found a plate with meth residue as well. A pipe containing what was believed to be marijuana, as well as a marijuana grinder, was also found.

They also confiscated a box of .22-caliber ammunition. In an entryway, they found many items inside a woodstove.

A burnt box contained a bag with multiple glass pipes; tinfoil with burnt residue; additional glass pipes; and a plastic bag. The tinfoil, as well as the pipes from inside the bag, was tested; however, nothing was found with those tests.

Two doses of Narcan were found in a plastic drawer, but law enforcement left them at the home.

Freeman, Timothy Robert
Freeman, Timothy Robert