Train-Semi Crash Near Casselton, North Dakota

CASSELTON, ND ( No injuries, following a train-semi crash near Casselton, North Dakota on this Friday.

– A semi-truck was hit by a train near Castleton at noon today.
– The Cass County Sheriff’s Office and fire department responded to the collision.
– The crash occurred at the intersection of County Road 23 and County Road 10, two miles west of Castleton.
– There were no injuries sustained in the collision.
– The train did not derail, but there was minor damage to the train and cross arm.
– The rail line is currently closed for investigation and clean-up.
– The investigation found that the train was traveling westbound and the tractor-trailer was traveling southbound on County Road 23.
– The 18-year-old male driver of the semi was issued a citation for care required.

A semi-truck carrying corn was hit by a train near Castleton, North Dakota, causing minor damage to the train and cross arm. No injuries were reported, and there was no derailment. The crash site is currently under investigation, and the rail line is closed for cleanup. The semi-truck driver was issued a citation for “care required.”

Bullet Summary:
– Semi-truck carrying corn hit by train near Castleton, North Dakota
– No injuries reported, no derailment
– Minor damage sustained to train and cross arm
– Rail line closed for investigation and cleanup
– Semi-truck driver issued a citation for “care required”

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