Train Accident Near 1200 Block of Hennepin Avenue in Glencoe

GLENCOE: ( According to a report from, there was a serious incident involving a vehicle struck by a train near the 1200 block of Hennepin Avenue in Glencoe. The incident prompted a swift emergency response:

  • Emergency Services: Three ambulances were dispatched to the scene, indicating the severity of the situation.
  • Air Ambulance: A Life Link helicopter was also sent to the location, suggesting the need for additional medical support.

However, despite the initial concern, the situation seems to have a positive outcome:

  • Injuries: Emergency Medical Services (EMS) reported that three individuals were injured in the incident.
  • Severity of Injuries: Fortunately, all reported injuries are deemed non-serious.
  • Transportation: Although a Life Link helicopter was initially dispatched, it was subsequently canceled. All injured individuals will be transported to medical facilities by ground.

This coordinated response demonstrates the effectiveness of the emergency services in managing and addressing the situation promptly.


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