Tragic Death of Loring Park Cashier in Brutal Attack

A shocking and brutal incident unfolded in Loring Park as a cashier, identified as 66-year-old Robert Skafte, was gruesomely attacked with a golf club on Friday night. Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara described the assault as “vicious and medieval.”

Less than 24 hours later, a memorial outside the Oak Grove grocery store highlighted the impact Skafte had on his community. Known as the caretaker of the Loring Park neighborhood, he was remembered for making his neighbors feel at home, always wearing a smile that brightened their days.

Angela Otis, expressing the community’s grief, lamented the loss of Skafte’s cheerful presence. The suspect, a 44-year-old man who lived nearby, allegedly carried out the fatal attack.

Following the horrific incident, the suspect barricaded himself across the street, leading to a six-hour standoff with the Minneapolis Police Department’s SWAT team and bomb unit. After negotiations, he was eventually arrested.

The community now mourns the loss of Robert Skafte, a beloved figure whose tragic death has left a profound impact on Loring Park.


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