TikTok star dies at 35

Randy Gonzalez was the star of the Enkyboys TikTok channel along with his young son, Brice Gonzalez.


Gonzalez and his son went viral with their TikTok videos that featured them doing funny lip sync routines and spotlighted their loving family. Gonzalez later shared that when he and Brice started the Enkyboys channel in 2019, it was part of his quest to be a good father after serving time in prison. Millions watched them goof around and offer glimpses into their daily life. When Gonzalez was diagnosed with colon cancer at 34, he began filming a series of Enkyboys videos to raise awareness of the disease, including sharing his chemotherapy treatments. Recently, he had begun opening a shoe store, and Brice landed a role on the sitcom “Lopez vs. Lopez.”

Notable quote

“Whatever you’re going through in life, never think that it can’t happenYou just have to keep fighting and never give up. Me, coming in-and-out of prison, I never thought I’d be in this position, but I kept on fighting and dreaming. I knew God put me in this world for a reason, and now I know the reason was is to be a dad. To let other dads know you can be so important in your kid’s life.” —from an Instagram post

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