Thursday Evening Brings Icy Roads and Crashes Across the Valley

RED RIVER VALLEY ( We have icy roads and crashes all over the Valley. You’ll need to be aware of potentially icy roads on your Friday morning commute.
over here now some breaking news out of the valley at 8:20 p.m. on this Thursday we’ve got icy roads and crashes going around over on I29 in the North Dakota side you see that yellow strip that’s uh continuous ice up and down the valley crashes by Hillsboro and north of Grand Forks and also over on the right on the Minnesota side the blue darker blue lines ice Andor slush covered roads just hearing the radio traffic we’ve had a semick knife on highway to uh east of crookton sounds like a crash in kooken hearing other little uh fender bender crashes around the area also so good time to head her home but you’re going to have to be aware you’re probably going to have icy roads for your Friday morning commute I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


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