Three charged after antique tractors stolen
Three charged after antique tractors stolen

Three local residents face charges in Pennington County District Court after antique tractors were stolen from a rural Plummer property.

Jeremy Aaron Tostrup, 24, Plummer, has been charged with two felony counts of possession of stolen property and a felony count of first degree burglary.

Daniel Adam Sevigny, 48, Erskine, has been charged with felony second degree burglary and felony theft of a motor vehicle.

Bobbie Jo Sevigny, 48, Warren, has been charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle and felony aiding and abetting the theft of a motor vehicle.

Tostrup has also been charged with felony fifth degree possession of a controlled substance and gross misdemeanor introduction of contraband into a jail facility. After being booked into jail for the above incidents, Tostrup possessed 0.17 grams of methamphetamine. The meth was found in his clothing.

The complaint indicated that Tostrup is currently under court jurisdiction for a 2017 charge of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance. Tostrup and the Sevignys were arrested.

The Sevignys were also arrested for allegedly violating their probation by using drugs.

The charges stemmed from a Nov. 23 report of a burglary at 20190 140th St. S.E., Plummer, according to the complaints. Someone had stolen a Massey Ferguson 265 tractor with an Allied front-end loader and three-point disk attachment, and an Allis Chalmers B tractor with an attached belly-type mower. Both had been located in a garage. The house was also ransacked. Numerous food items had been stolen out of a freezer and coins were missing as well.

Footprints and a partially smoked cigarette were found in the garage. Two mismatched gloves were found at the scene as well. Daniel Sevigny was wearing work boots at the time of his arrest. The tread was allegedly similar to the tread pattern observed in the footprints.

The sheriff’s office had also received a Oct. 19 report of a burglary at a hunting cabin along 130th Street in Wyandotte Township. Firearms and Stihl chain saws had been stolen there. Tostrup lives east of the rural Plummer property and about two miles away from the hunting cabin. He was known to the Pennington County sheriff’s investigator due to past drug investigations.

After the burglary at the hunting cabin, the owner placed a trail camera on his property. Footage allegedly showed a pickup truck registered to Bobbie Jo Sevigny. The investigator knew of Sevigny and her husband, Daniel, from past investigations. He also recalled seeing an Allis Chalmers tractor for sale on a Facebook buy and sell page. Bobbie Jo Sevigny had posted it. The tractor was similar to one of the stolen tractors, but it didn’t appear to be the same one.

The investigator spoke with the Sevignys’ probation agent, who had visited them a week earlier. She recalled that Daniel Sevigny had planned to exchange a tractor for a camper since he and his wife had been asked to leave their Warren home. He planned to exchange it with a Glyndon man.

The probation agent returned to the Warren home after hearing about the latest investigation involving the Sevignys. They weren’t there. The investigator learned that a Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force officer had received a tip that Daniel Sevigny had been at Tostrup’s home, 21639 140th St. S.E., Plummer. Tostrup’s home was soon placed under surveillance. On Nov. 26, the investigator and a Thief River Falls police sergeant allegedly observed a vehicle driving on property believed to be owned by the owner of the hunting cabin. The vehicle was soon stopped. The driver said he and Tostrup were looking for firewood to cut and would ask permission before cutting any firewood.

Afterward, law enforcement learned the owner had earlier reported that someone had stolen a tree and dragged it to his neighbor’s home in Red Lake County. The neighbor was Tostrup.

Law enforcement questioned the Glyndon man and his father. The man had posted a picture of a camper that he wished to sell or trade. Bobbie Jo Sevigny allegedly contacted him, wanting to trade a pickup box trailer for it. He declined, and she later wanted to trade it for an Allis Chalmers tractor. The man also spoke with Daniel Sevigny to discuss details about the sale.

The man and his father agreed to trade the camper for the Allis Chalmers tractor without the belly mower. They agreed to purchase the other Allis Chalmers tractor with the belly mower for $300.

Facebook Messenger conversations corroborated the man’s statement. They met the Sevignys at a home in Aaseby Trailer Court on Nov. 22 to obtain the tractors. Daniel Sevigny spoke about another Massey Ferguson loader tractor, but no further specifics were provided.

The next day, the father and son dropped off the camper. Law enforcement recovered the Allis Chalmers with belly mower from the father and son. They also photographed the other tractor. The father and son are seeking $300 in restitution.

The Sevignys lived in the camper on Tostrup’s property. The camper was placed under surveillance. During the early morning hours of Dec. 2, a pickup truck and trailer were observed there. They matched the vehicle and trailer visible on the trail camera footage. While in the process of drafting a search warrant for the camper, the investigator learned the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office had located Tostrup and Daniel Sevigny, who allegedly possessed the stolen Massey Ferguson. Tostrup said he had driven the tractor from Pennington to Red Lake counties.

A search warrant was executed later that day for the camper and grain bins on Tostrup’s property. Outside of Tostrup’s home, Chief Red Lake County Deputy Brad Johnson allegedly observed a Remington shotgun and Stihl chain saw. The lights were on inside the home. Not knowing if anyone were home, he entered the home to ensure officer safety. No one was home, but the chief deputy allegedly saw a youth Remington 20-gauge pump shotgun.

A search warrant was later drafted and executed for Tostrup’s home given what the chief deputy had observed. Tostrup is also prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition per the conditions of his release from jail. Inside the home, a Pennington County sheriff’s deputy allegedly recovered the youth Remington 20- gauge shotgun. It had been stolen from the hunting cabin. A leather gun case, which had also been stolen from that property, was found as well. It contained a firearm at the time of the theft, but the firearm wasn’t recovered.

Law enforcement also found a Remington 12- gauge semiautomatic shotgun, a Mossberg 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun, a Stihl chain saw, and three boxes of Winchester .22 caliber ammunition.