Thief River Falls Man faces charges after drugs found

Richard Wayne Reierson
Richard Wayne Reierson

On March 16, the PTPDTF investigated possible drug activity at 929 Reserve Ave. Richard Wayne Reierson, 35, Thief River Falls, has been charged with felony fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance over 0.25 grams.

The complaint was filed on March 30. According to the complaint, PTPDTF officers grabbed one or more trash bags outside of the home. Inside were burnt tinfoil, a small baggie with white residue, and a metal tin with a green leafy substance.

The baggie tested positive for meth. Social services had also reported hypodermic nee­dles had been found in the home.

A search warrant was later granted for the home where Reierson and Amy Marie Langseth resided. Two task force officers, two police offi­cers, a police sergeant, and a sheriff’s deputy executed the search warrant.

There was no answer at the home, but the door was unlocked and they entered the home. They found Reierson and Amy Marie Langseth.

A small baggie containing white residue appeared to have fallen from Reierson’s person. Law enforcement also found a baggie with white residue in a pair of woman’s pants in the rear bedroom; two needles in a plastic drawer in a back bedroom, a baggie containing a crystal substance near the children’s bedroom and bathroom; and a bag of marijuana in a pill bottle in a rear bedroom.

Reierson allegedly said he had two baggies of meth curled up in his toes, and one of them must have fall­en out when he was walking.

He admitted to using meth a day earlier. Reierson allegedly said the seized items belonged to him.

The meth weighed in excess of 0.25 grams. It was unclear whether Amy Marie Langseth will be charged. She denied owner­ ship of the meth, but she said the marijuana could possibly belong to her.

State of Minnesota District Court
County of Pennington 9th Judicial District
Prosecutor File No. 23-600-35
Court File No. 57-CR-23-229

State of Minnesota, COMPLAINT
Plaintiff, Summons
929 Reserve Avenue
Thief River Falls, MN 56701

The Complainant submits this complaint to the Court and states that there is probable cause to believe
Defendant committed the following offense(s):
Charge: Fifth Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance – over .25
Minnesota Statute: 152.025.2(1), with reference to: 152.025.4(b)
Maximum Sentence: 5 years, a $10,000.00 fine or both
Offense Level: Felony
Offense Date (on or about): 03/16/2023
Control #(ICR#): 23000930
Charge Description: It is alleged that on or about March 16, in Pennington County, Minnesota, that
Richard Wayne Reierson did unlawfully and intentionally possess one or more mixtures containing a
a controlled substance classified in Schedule I, II, III, or IV, in an amount over .25 grams.


The undersigned, being a licensed Peace Officer in the State of Minnesota and having been made aware
of the facts and circumstances surrounding this matter, gives this Court the following to understand and be

On or about March 16, 2023, Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force was investigating possible drug activity at
929 Reserve Avenue in Thief River Falls, Pennington County, Minnesota. Task Force Officers Alexander
Henningsen and Jason Cervantes knew that residence to be the home of Amy Marie Langseth, DOB
07/03/1980, and were also aware that Richard Wayne Reierson, DOB 12/07/1987 was living at that

TFOs Henningsen and Cervantes conducted a “trash pull” at the residence at approximately 1:00 a.m. on
March 16, 2023. TFO Henningsen is aware through training and experience that there is often drug
paraphernalia and evidence of drug use contained in the trash of suspected users.

TFO Henningsen went through the garbage and found evidence of drug use: burned tin foil, a small baggie
with white residue, a metal tin with a green leafy substance, and indicia in the trash that it was the
residence of Amy Langseth. TFO Henningsen field tested the small baggie and it tested presumptively
positive for methamphetamine. TFO Henningsen was also aware of a social services report that indicated
hypodermic needles had been found in the home.

On March 16, 2023, TFO Henningsen applied for a search warrant to search 929 Reserve Avenue, Amy
Langseth’s person, and Richard Reierson’s person. The warrant was signed by the Honorable Tamara L.
Yon. On the same day, TFO Henningsen, TFO Cervantes, Sgt. Kjell Johnsrud, Officer Ben Tureson, Officer
Erik Jax, and Deputy Kyle Miller executed the search warrant.

Law enforcement announced their presence multiple times at the front door but there was no response.
TFO Henningsen checked the door handle and it was unlocked. Upon entering the residence, Reierson
walked into the kitchen from the back end of the trailer. Reierson was placed in handcuffs as other officers
continued to clear the residence. Officer Jax found Amy Langseth near the rear bedroom of the trailer.
Langseth was brought to the living room area and placed in handcuffs.

During the search, Deputy Miller found a small blue baggie that appeared to have fallen from Reierson’s
person. The baggie had a white crystalline substance in it. After this discovery, Reierson was brough to the
bathroom to be search. Nothing else was located on his person.

During the search, TFO Henningsen found mail that had both Langseth’s and Reierson’s name on it. The
pieces of mail were addressed to 929 Reserve Avenue.

During the search, law enforcement found the following items:

Blue baggie with white residue located on the living room floor;

Blue baggie with crystalline substance located by Reierson’s feet in the living room;

Clear baggie with white residue found in a pair of women’s pants in the rear bedroom;

Plastic drawer with two needles located in the back bedroom by the TV;

Blue baggie with cotton swab which was located inside the plastic drawer;

Scale found in the clothes bin in the back bedroom;

Blue Tracfone found in Langseth’s coat pocket;

Blue baggie with crystal substance near children’s bedroom and the bathroom;

Bag of marijuana in a pill bottle in the rear bedroom.

Reierson was brought to the law enforcement center to give a statement. Reierson was mirandized and he
agreed to give a statement. Reierson stated that he lived at 929 Reserve Avenue with Amy Langseth and
that he helps to pay for the residence. Reierson stated that everything they found during the search was his.
When asked about the baggie that was in the hallway of the trailer, Reierson stated that he had two blue
baggies curled up in his toes, and that one must have fallen out when he was walking. Reierson told law
enforcement that he believed the two baggies contained methamphetamine. Reierson also admitted to
using methamphetamine on March 15, 2023.

Law enforcement also read Langseth her Miranda rights. Langseth denied ownership of any of the
controlled substances, except that the marijuana that was located could potentially be hers.

Law enforcement weighed the suspected methamphetamine and it weighed in excess of .25 grams.

Reierson’s criminal history includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

02-CR-09-4145 – Fourth Degree Driving While Impaired

02-CR-15-2126 – Criminal Vehicular Operation and Third Degree DWI

02-CR-15-4198 – Terroristic Threats

02-CR-15-4575 – Gross Misdemeanor Theft

39-CR-09-304 – Fourth Degree Burglary

39-CR-11-1 – Obstruct Legal Process

39-CR-11-250 – Contempt of Court

57-CR-19-411 – Threats of Violence

57-CR-19-661 – Fleeing a Peace Officer by Means Other Than a Motor Vehicle


Complainant requests that Defendant, subject to bail or conditions of release, be:
(1) arrested or that other lawful steps be taken to obtain Defendant’s appearance in court; or
(2) detained, if already in custody, pending further proceedings; and that said Defendant otherwise
be dealt with according to law.
Complainant declares under penalty of perjury that everything stated in this document is true and
correct. Minn. Stat. § 358.116; Minn. R. Crim. P. 2.01, subds. 1, 2.

Complainant David R Olson Electronically Signed:
Deputy 03/29/2023 04:02 PM
102 W 1st St Pennington County, MN
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
Badge: 1306

Being authorized to prosecute the offenses charged, I approve this complaint.

Prosecuting Attorney Max LaCoursiere Electronically Signed:
Assistant County Attorney 03/29/2023 02:59 PM
141 Main Ave South
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
(218) 681-0773

From the above sworn facts, and any supporting affidavits or supplemental sworn testimony, I, the Issuing Officer, have
determined that probable cause exists to support, subject to bail or conditions of release where applicable, Defendant’s arrest
or other lawful steps be taken to obtain Defendant’s appearance in court, or Defendant’s detention, if already in custody,
pending further proceedings. Defendant is therefore charged with the above-stated offense(s).

THEREFORE YOU, THE DEFENDANT, ARE SUMMONED to appear as directed in the Notice of Hearing before the
above-named court to answer this complaint.
IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR in response to this SUMMONS, a WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST shall be issued.

To the Sheriff of the above-named county; or other person authorized to execute this warrant: I order, in the name of the State
of Minnesota, that the Defendant be apprehended and arrested without delay and brought promptly before the court (if in
session), and if not, before a Judge or Judicial Officer of such court without unnecessary delay, and in any event not later than
36 hours after the arrest or as soon as such Judge or Judicial Officer is available to be dealt with according to law.

Execute in MN Only Execute Nationwide Execute in Border States

Since the Defendant is already in custody, I order, subject to bail or conditions of release, that the Defendant continue to be
detained pending further proceedings.

Bail: $
Conditions of Release:

This complaint, duly subscribed and sworn to or signed under penalty of perjury, is issued by the undersigned Judicial Officer
as of the following date: March 29, 2023.

Judicial Officer Tamara Yon Electronically Signed: 03/29/2023 04:08 PM
District Court Judge
Sworn testimony has been given before the Judicial Officer by the following witnesses:

State of Minnesota
I hereby Certify and Return that I have served a copy of this
vs. Summons upon the Defendant herein named.
Signature of Authorized Service Agent:
Richard Wayne Reierson


Name: Richard Wayne Reierson
DOB: 12/07/1987
Address: 929 Reserve Avenue
Thief River Falls, MN 56701

Alias Names/DOB:
Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 220lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color:
Gender: MALE
Race: White
Fingerprints Required per Statute: Yes
Fingerprint match to Criminal History Record: No
Driver’s License #: H018039955509 (MN)
Alcohol Concentration:


Cnt Statute Offense Statute Nbrs and Descriptions Offense MOC GOC Controlling Case
Nbr Type Date(s) Level Agencies Numbers

1 Charge 3/16/2023 152.025.2(1) Felony DH5C0 MN0570000 23000930
Drugs – 5th Degree – Possess
Schedule 1,2,3,4 – Not Small Amount
Penalty 3/16/2023 152.025.4(b) Felony DH5C0 MN0570000 23000930
Drugs – 5th Degree Controlled
Substance – Sale or possession


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