The Thief River Falls School district has announced a return to full, in-person learning on March 30th, Superintendent Donita Stepan’s letter stated that in an effort to stay consistent with our decision making criteria from the beginning of the school year,  which include low county case rates and low in-school case numbers, it has been determined that our secondary students will return to full in-person learning on Tuesday, March 30th.

Monday, March 29th will be a “nonschool day” for 6-12 students.

The reasons for the decision to return included:  Monday, March 29th is the beginning of Quarter 4. Because staff will need one non-school day to prepare for the return of students, we felt it was better to take that day from Quarter 4, than from Quarter 3. This will give our students a chance to finish up end-of-quarter work under the current model.

Monday, March 29th, will be a nonschool day for 6-12 students, and Tuesday, March 30th, and Wednesday, March 31st, will be in-person learning for students. (Please note: Wednesday, March 31st will change from a Flex Day to a full in-person day for 6-12 students). Also, the county case rate and the in-school numbers are either staying steady or declining, especially at LHS and FMS. Spring is in the air, therefore more students are outside. This matters when you’re talking about spreading a virus. Students who are distance learning can stay in distance learning. Those who are not comfortable returning right now, are welcome to stay in the distance learning model.