There have been a string of thefts from Fargo vehicles

String Of Thefts From Fargo Vehicles
Brandon Lee Dinh

FARGO, ND ( A Wahpeton man is facing criminal charges for allegedly breaking into a string of vehicles in Fargo, North Dakota.

Brandon Lee Dinh of Wahpeton has been charged with a string of vehicle break-ins in Fargo. On November 14th at 4:37 a.m., witnesses saw him trying to get into multiple parked vehicles on 28th Avenue South in Fargo. Dinh was found in possession of multiple knives and confessed to stealing from unlocked vehicles within the last 30 minutes. He also told the officer that he entered five to six vehicles in the parking lot at 4955 28th Avenue South and that his vehicle contained stolen debit cards, a pipe with residue, and other items. Dinh admitted to entering vehicles in the area of Veterans Boulevard and 32nd Avenue South within the past week. He has been charged with four felonies of unlawful entry into vehicle theft and property theft.


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