Teacher’s Emotional Tale Of Active Shooter Drill At Thursday Evening Rally In Fargo

FARGO, ND (trfnews.i234.me) It was the “Fed Up & Fired Up” rally at Fargo City Hall on this Thursday evening. It was organized by “Moms Demand Action” and had the emotional story of a teacher going through an active shooter drill with her students.


  1. This is where I have to agree to disagree as a mother and just recently there was a threat at the school where my children go but if you go and gather up a rally and make a big deal about it of course things are going to happen that's how these shooters in the past have gotten the attention that they wanted before either ending their own life or having it taken from them in the end it is not the way to go about it you're just putting things in sick people's mind!! like I said I'm a mother too and have it recently just the other day had a threat and my kids school but this is not the way to do it they're getting the attention that they want and it will only get worse

  2. Seems like nobody understands, if we ban guns, only criminals would have them. Then imagine the crime sprees, and you're helpless to do anything. Just hope a cop comes fast enough.

  3. Ah great more Stephen King liberal nut jobs, just remember the mass genocide through out history that followed after they came for the guns, when will they learn, what a shame

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