1. Did he have a girlfriend? Did someone drive him away? This should be National News. He is likely long gone from the area.

    Glad you are reporting this, so we can be aware.

  2. Pamela F I grew up close to that area in the 50s and it is as lawless now as it was then,
    Why has this not made national news? I live in NM and I guarantee that if a Blonde
    Scandinavian female were abducted by a Hispanic male the story would have
    gone rogue. The area is closed to outsiders, many people are related to each other
    and they protect their own. Huge need for public awareness regarding Domestic Violence
    and providing resources.

  3. If any residents left their homes for safety reasons they need to inform the police so a search if their temporary abandoned property can be searched!!! How many times do I need to say this???

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