Summer Heat Finally Arrives to Our Region!

GRAND FORKS, ND ( – While it’s not officially summer yet, the season has certainly made its presence known this Wednesday afternoon at Riverside Pool in Grand Forks. Our news camera person, Roberta Turny, chatted with some pool-goers to capture the excitement.

“Hey, I’m Brody Andre. We’re just swimming here with the boys, trying to keep cool. Shout out to my mom, Cindy! Love you!” Brody said enthusiastically.

Kyle Schaer, who is entering the 12th grade, shared his thoughts as well. “I’m keeping cool by swimming, and shout out to my stepbrother from Georgia who’s coming down to visit for a while.”

Later, Jacob Foss, a student at Red River High School, expressed his excitement. “Shout out to my mom, love you! I’m Jacob Foss, I go to Red River High School, and I love my mom and my family. A little summer heat is in the air!”

Riverside Pool is buzzing with energy as everyone embraces the early summer warmth, making memories and staying cool in the refreshing water.

I’m Neil Berg reporting for

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