Summer 2022 Road Trip: Exploring Hibbing, MN with Bob Dylan’s Childhood Friend and Iron Ore

HIBBING, MN ( Our road trip along Minnesota’s Canadian border takes us to the boyhood home of Bob Dylan and an interview with a childhood friend.
well on this day on my track east across minnesota’s canadian border i wasn’t able to find a motel room so i had to dip south for the evening to hipping minnesota the home of iron ore mining and the boyhood home of bob dylan robert zimmerman as he was known then graduated here from hibbing high school back in 1959. he lived in this home just a couple of blocks away on a street now named bob dylan drive larry furlong grew up nearby and knew dylan as a kid bob zimmerman yeah okay brother david and he lived the blocker two blocks up the street from where we’re standing right now they walked the street to and from home and school okay and bob graduated like i said in 1959 i haven’t seen him since uh 1969 for our class reunion seem like a normal guy yet and easy to talk to yes yeah however i wouldn’t trade my life for his because of the paparazzi that chased a person like that around and you know yeah and when we put this together this was done under strict confidence and the blessings of the zimmerman family what was put together is this tribute wall in front of the high school honoring dylan for his nobel prize in literature quote for having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition on the back side of the wall some of the lyrics from many of his songs are inscribed along with an empty chair pull the chairs for the next person to come along and sit in the chair and daydream and see where they think they want to take their life the day dreams of robert zimmerman a kid from hibbing minnesota turned into worldwide fame with more than 600 songs with words now embedded on the minds of generations also in hibbing what’s known as the grand canyon of the north the whole rust mine opened in 1890 today it’s still going strong employing around 750 people that includes a plant to process the iron ore into high iron concentrated pellets that are shipped to duluth and superior by train and then on to iron ore ships that deliver them to steel plants around the great lakes since it opened over 800 million tons of iron ore have been mined from this 2 000 acre site in hibbing minnesota i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


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