Summer 2022 Adventure: Road Trip to Lake Metigoshe State Park

LAKE METIGOSHE, ND ( A look at Lake Metigoshe and connecting State Park as our Road Trip-Summer 2022 continues.
neil carlson here the next stop on our road trip summer 2022 is lake medigoshi and lake metagoshi state park nestled in the turtle mountains of north dakota lake madagoshi in the adjoining state park offer all kinds of opportunities for just about anything you want to do on water including resorts in the area camping hiking and biking in the park yeah we have both modern and primitive camping here at the state park and we have roughly 130 campsites 90 of those are modern meaning they have electricity and water with the remaining being primitive okay what about hiking biking off-road vehicles sure we have about 13 miles of hiking and biking trails in addition to that we have a three mile interpretive trail fishing swimming yep we have a swimming beach here at lake matagoshi state park we also have courtesy docks located along the shoreline at lake matagoshi for people to use in addition to a public bolt ramp as well where people are able to utilize so what do people catch for fish here they catch a lot of bluegills and a lot of walleye and northerns and of course the occasional bull heads all right yeah we also i think it’s rich mentioning too we also have rental cabins here at the park there’s only a few of the north dakota state parks that here have year-round rentals and we have year-round rental cabins here in the park that sleep anywhere from four to eight people and we also have an option for the adventurers in that it’s a backcountry cabin that you need to hike bike paddle ski or snowshoe out to about two miles out onto our trail system where there’s no electricity no water so all right yeah for more information about lake metagoshi state park or the surrounding resorts uh simply go online to find a kind of hidden hideaway along our canadian border in the turtle mountains of north dakota i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


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