St. Cloud inmate sentenced for possessing child pornography
St. Cloud inmate sentenced for possessing child pornography

A St. Cloud inmate was sentenced Friday, June 3 in Pennington County District Court on six felony charges of possession of pornographic work involving minors.

Four other felony offenses of possession of pornographic work involving minors were dismissed against Brandon Steven Wasley, 41.

Four of the charges led to prison sentences of 84 months in prison while one charge involved a sentence of 77 months in prison and the last charge involved a sentence of 59 months in prison. All of those sentences are to be served concurrently with one another and with another case. Wasley was also ordered to supply a DNA sample. He was ordered to pay $210 in fees and fines for the charge involving 59 months in prison. A $50 fee was ordered for each of the other charges.

The charges stemmed from the execution of a search warrant on May 27, 2021, at Wasley’s Goodridge home, according to the complaint. Law enforcement had searched the home as part of a drug case involving Wasley and his roommate.

At that time, law enforcement confiscated Wasley’s cell phone. The following day, as part of another unrelated search warrant, the Thief River Falls police investigator reviewed the contents of Wasley’s phone. He observed pornographic videos that appeared to involve minor children. He then applied for a third search warrant to search the phone, a tablet, three laptop computers, Wasley’s home, and Wasley’s 2008 Dodge Avenger.

On June 1, 2021, the third search warrant was executed at Wasley’s home. Inside, law enforcement confiscated two hard drives, three thumb drives, and a digital camera.

The charges stemmed from 10 videos on Wasley’s cell phone that depicted actual or simulated sexual conduct involving a minor.

Wasley was sentenced in relation to six of those charges, which stemmed from videos ranging as long as 36 seconds. However, a total of 13 videos were found. Nine involved pornographic acts involving girls under the age of 13. Four involved girls who “could not be identified as under 13 years old, however, they are under the age of 18.” The videos ranged from 12 seconds to seven minutes and 10 seconds. Some of those videos featured girls in various states of undress with one video featuring a girl wearing lingerie. Some of the girls were preschool age, and Wasley was sentenced for videos involving girls in that age range. Oral sex, anal sex, sexual intercourse, and/or ejaculation were depicted in the videos.

Many of the videos featured at least one man with the girls. At least one video featured a teenage girl engaged in sexual acts with a prepubescent girl. On one hard drive, Police Chief Marissa Adam and the police investigator also observed numerous videos of pornographic acts involving children under age 13.

The videos featured infant boys and girls to teenage boys and girls.

On a Dell laptop computer, law enforcement observed numerous images of pornographic acts. The images depicted “young toddler boys and girls performing sexual acts ranging from sexual intercourse, oral sex and digital penetration with adults and with each other.” Police also sent an iMac laptop computer to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for further analysis. However, the BCA was unable to download any information from it.

Brandon Steven Wasley
Brandon Steven Wasley