Shopping on Black Friday: The Excitement Fades

GRAND FORKS, ND ( A look at Black Friday shopping in Grand Forks, North Dakota. There are no more long lines of people waiting to grab deals when stores open on Black Friday.
Neil Berg here in Grand Forks North Dakota Early on a Black Friday morning remember in years past where there’d be long lines stretching around big box doors waiting to get in well apparently The Thrill Is Gone for Best Buy 6 a.m. opening there was not one person standing in line I was one of the first dozen or so to enter and needed a piece of office computer equipment it was the same thing over at Target not one person standing out outside in line for their 6:00 a.m. opening and the same over at Walmart uh all most big box stores have had specials online for days or weeks now so it’s changed the whole atmosphere of Black Friday shoing I can tell you at about uh 700 a.m. parking lots we’re beginning to fill up as uh folks now taking a more leisurely Pace to their in store Black Friday shopping in gr Forks I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. Too be fair, I didn't buy anything online either. Nothing felt like a black friday sale. Walmart was selling TCL 55" for 188$ which were going like running water but that was pretty much it… just tv's.

  2. Nobody cares about the government forcing advertisements anymore. Raising prices before the actual holiday just to drop them to the norm. Most Americans have caught on & that old way of life is over !

  3. Businesses adapted their sales to consumer behavior and spread the sales out. This story is nothing but a "back in my day… We used to wait in line to spend our money"

  4. The thing that used get people really crazy and make those awful lines were those "door buster deals"… If this BF was like those of the past you'd see PS5 bundle for like 350$ maybe a meta quest 3 and OLED Tv also for 350$… That's the kinda stuff that get people to camp out… These days stores just don't care because of how big online shopping is they don't need to offer crazy deals to drive up in store foot traffic anymore… They make just as many sales without them thru online shopping…

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