Shooting Incident in Las Vegas

Five homeless people were shot in Las Vegas on Friday, one of them fatally, and police were searching for a lone suspect, authorities said.


Incident Details:

  1. Date and Time:
    • The shooting occurred on Friday around 5:30 p.m. near a freeway overpass in the northeastern part of Las Vegas.
  2. Casualties:
    • Five homeless people were shot, resulting in one fatality. Initially, a police commander stated two deaths, but later clarification reported one person in his 50s pronounced dead, another in critical condition, and three stable.
  3. Victim Status:
    • All victims were unhoused individuals.
  4. Isolated Event:
    • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Mark Lourenco stated that they believe this is an isolated event, minimizing the possibility of an ongoing threat.
  5. Shooter Information:
    • One shooter was involved, and as of Friday evening, the suspect had not been captured. The police are actively searching for the lone suspect.
  6. Related Incident:
    • This incident follows recent announcements from Los Angeles police, who are searching for a suspect involved in the fatal shootings of three homeless individuals in separate incidents last month.

The situation is actively being investigated, and law enforcement is focused on apprehending the suspect responsible for the shooting.


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