Shocking Social Media Rant Lands Woman on Dr. Phil: An April TRF News Exclusive

ROSEAU, MN ( In April, TRF News posted a story about a Roseau, Minnesota woman who posted a frightening rant on facebook, after the school her children attend put in place a no trespass order against her. She appeared on Dr. Phil Wednesday.
you’re looking at a frightening public Facebook post by a Rosa woman who on Facebook calls herself cassandra rain it’s already been viewed almost a million times according to cassandra and documents she’s posted online she has part-time custody of her children who attend Roseau elementary school but the school has now put a no trespass order in place against sycophantic principal whatsit dog rement no because i didn’t make the agreement with you I didn’t make when I got the okay they told me all you have to do is come to the office and sign in and guess watch it as you can see the video is laced with profanity and threatening comments and as you can imagine this video has caused concern among parents of other children at the school we’ve reached out to the police chief and sheriff but I’m told it will likely be Monday before any comment on all this I’m Neil Berg reporting for I news TV


  1. OMG this girl has another page of rants like this. she rants all day about cops trying to steal her for sex trafficking. she tried to adopt a horse from us. once we found out she was crazy we told her she couldn't come back or adopt the horse. Then she started ranting and posting videos like this about us and our business. Her page is insanely crazy and hard to stop watching lmao.
    She told us she was late because she doesn't use GPS she listens to her arm out the window for directions.

  2. Im so fucking sick of ppl saying she’s nuts,crazy,insane,and psycho. Those are all names that are degrading and offensive. All of you should be ashamed for cyber bullying her. All you’re doung is throwing HATE at her. You’re bullying her. You’re making fun of her, laughing, and judging,shameing, and ridiculing her. All of tou are treating mental health like its a joke. Well ITS NOT A JOKE! Its real! Very, very real. You’re treating her like she is a criminal or a murderous psycho and she’s NOT! NEWS FLASH PPL! Bipolar ppl are NOT dangerous. We get sad, we get mad, we get happy. Normal human emotions. Ppl who are bipolar are NOT unstable. We dnt need to be judged and be hated. We need support and love. We are NOT a menace to society. We do NOT belong in jail hust bc we have an angry outburst. We do NOT belong in a psych ward in a straight jacket in solitary confindment and we DONT need to be put on death row to be killed.

  3. I never saw my (ex now) sister in law again after she acted like that around me. Could you imagine her kids around that? She has to have her kids taken away with supervised visitation until she gets help. She's really dangerous.

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