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Tim Dorsey was the author of the Serge A. Storms series of comedy crime novels. 

Tim Dorsey’s legacy 

Dorsey got his start as a writer working in newspapers. He joined the Tampa Tribune in 1987, working as a political reporter as well as handling more general work as the paper’s night metro editor. Dorsey published his first novel, “Florida Roadkill,” in 1999. It introduced his antihero character, Serge A. Storms, who dealt out his own version of justice as he inventively killed bad people. Storms’ unusual murder weapons included an ostrich and exploding Mentos. 

Dorsey followed “Florida Roadkill” with 25 more Serge A. Storms novels, steadily releasing a book each year. His most recent book was this year’s “The Maltese Iguana.” Other titles included “Triggerfish Twist,” “The Big Bamboo,” “Electric Barracuda,” and “No Sunscreen for the Dead.” His novels often featured tidbits of Florida history, a fascination of Dorsey’s that carried over into his writing. 

Notable quote 

“[I]n the first book I just went with what I loved, which is writing about Florida, and I had a good character to be my spokesperson. When the publisher wanted more books I just continued along. What I chose for the first book was fortunate because it lent so well to continuation because it was so close to my heart.” —from a 2012 interview for Saw Palm  

Tributes to Tim Dorsey 

Full obituary: Tampa Bay Times 

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