trf school board
trf school board

June 1, 2022

Regular Board Meeting

Independent School District 564 – Board of Education

May 9, 2022

6:00 p.m.

DSC Board Room

A Regular Meeting of Independent School District #564 Board of Education was held on Monday, May 9, 2022

beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the DSC Board Room. The following board members were present: Michelle Westerman, Mike Spears, Wayne Nomeland, Craig Mattson and Chris Melbye. Absent: Misty Hempel and Ryan Walseth.

Staff members present were: Tanya Monson-Ek, Melissa Bushy, Scott Brekke, Patrick Marolt, and Josh Watne.

Also present were: Marlene Anderson, Dave Hill, Kaden Mostrom, and Jillian Neibaur.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Clerk Michelle Westerman called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. and confirmed that a quorum was present.

A motion was made by Craig Mattson and seconded by Mike Spears to approve the May 9, 2022 agenda, as

presented. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Wayne Nomeland and seconded by Mike Spears to approve the minutes of the April 25, 2022 Regular Board Meeting, as presented. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Chris Melbye and seconded by Mike Spears to approve the bills as submitted and on file in the School District Business Office. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

Superintendent’s Report: Congratulations to Leslie Rogalla, our next Prowler Chip recipient! We are so proud to call Leslie our colleague. Her commitment to equitable experiences and outcomes for students across our district is impressive. We see it reflected everyday through her dedication to meeting student needs through interventions and supports that result in improved student outcomes. Congratulations, Leslie!

Congratulations to Mert Hutchinson, another Prowler Chip recipient! Mert Hutchinson is one of the pillars of our transportation department with his strong work ethic and likable personality. He is always thinking ‘Safety First’ for our students. Anyone who has had the privilege of working or knowing Mert, will always smile when his name is mentioned. He puts others ahead of himself and is always willing to give a hand in anything we do. He drives routes, helps in the shop, subs as an aide and drives many, many activities. Mert arrives every morning before everyone else to open up the bus garage and get the coffee started. He greets everyone with a smile and a hello. We are so proud to call him a colleague and friend. Congratulations, Mert!

We will be recommending the hire of two Dean positions for next year. One at LHS and one at FMS. This will cost us more money, but I believe we will be able to cover much of that cost through efficiency in other areas.

“Self Harm Community Presentation” – Shout out to our counselors for seeing a need and putting a plan into action. On May 25, from 5-7:30 pm, all staff, parents, and community members from our region are invited to attend a panel discussion and community hang out. From 5-6 pm, there is a social hour with appetizers provided by The Hive in the LHS commons with local community resources and healthy alternatives. Then, from 6-7:30, there is a panel discussion in the LHS auditorium where we will have a discussion about “Self-Harm: The Real

Cover-Up.” More details to come. Postcard invites will be mailed home to all parents in the district.

Committee Reports: Wayne Nomeland gave a report from the April 26 Negotiations Committee meeting.

Ryan Walseth gave a report from the April 27 Finance Committee meeting.

Student Report: LHS Senior shared current events at LHS.



Real World Authentic Opportunities:

Voice and Choice:

Equitable Experiences:

A.A motion was made by Mike Spears and seconded by Wayne Nomeland to approve the 2022-23 agreement with Pennington County Human Services for the transportation of children in foster care placement. Motion carried.

Safety (Strategic Direction D):

Staff Growth:

A.A motion was made by Wayne Nomeland and seconded by Craig Mattson to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, and as appropriate, per negotiated contract, salary and benefits and an acceptable background check. Motion carried.


1.Approve the employment of Chris McLean, Director of Athletics & Activities, effective June 6, 2022.

2.Approve the resignation of Jodi Drevlow, Special Education Paraprofessional, effective April 29, 2022.

3.Approve the resignation of Kim Langan, Special Education Paraprofessional, effective June 30, 2022.

4.Approve the resignation of Sarah Vogel, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, effective June 6, 2022.

B.A motion was made by Mike Spears and seconded by Chris Melbye to approve the Resolution to eliminate the Assistant Principal position at LHS and establish and post for two (2) Dean of Students positions (LHS and FMS), effective for the 2022-23 school year. Upon a roll call vote, the following voted in favor of: Spears, Mattson, Melbye, Westerman, and Nomeland. Absent: Walseth and Hempel. Motion carried.

C.A motion was made by Mike Spears and seconded by Chris Melbye to Establish and Post for the following 2022 Summer Positions: Motion carried.

1.Summer Food Service:

Effective June 13 – August 15, 2022. Serving site assigned as needed.

a. Up to three (3) Lead Cook at 7 hrs/day

b. Up to eight (8) Kitchen helpers at 5 hrs/day


a. One (1) Summer Agricultural Education Teacher (up to a total of 18 days)

3.Targeted Services – CES (2 sessions/June 13, 2022 – June 30, 2022 and August 1, 2022 -August 11, 2022)

a. One (1) Coordinator – Up to 150 hours

b. Up to ten (10) Gr. 1-5 Teachers – Up to 100 hours each

c. Up to Three (3) Paraprofessionals – Up to 120 hours each

4.Targeted Services – FMS (1 session/June 13, 2022 – June 30, 2022)

a. One (1) Coordinator – Up to 66 hours

b. Up to three (3) Teachers – Up to 66 hours each

c. One (1) Paraprofessional – Up to 66 hours

5.Freshman Booster (1 session/June 13, 2022 – July 14, 2022)

a. One (1) Summer Social Studies/Communications Teacher for students moving from FMS to LHS – Up to 60 hours

6.ALC (1 session June 13, 2022 – August 4, 2022)

a. One (1) Coordinator – Up to 200 hours

b. One (1) Social Studies Teacher – Up to 168 hours

c. One (1) Physical Science Teacher – Up to 168 hours

d. One (1) Math Teacher – Up to 168 hours

e. One (1) Communication Arts Teacher – Up to 168 hours

f. One (1) Physical Education/Health Teacher – Up to 40 hours

7.Camp Invention CES (July 11-15, 2022)

a. Up to five (5) Teachers

b. Up to three (3) Paraprofessionals

8.Invention Project FMS (July 11-15, 2022)

a. Up to two (2) Teachers

b. Up to two (2) Paraprofessionals

9.Invention Summer LHS/ALC (July 15, 2022 – August 4, 2022)

a. One (1) Social Studies Teacher

b. One (1) Physical Science Teacher

c. One (1) Math Teacher

d. One (1) Communications Arts Teacher

10.Special Education:

a. One (1) Speech Therapists up to 35 hours

b. One (1) Educational Interpreter up to 120 hours

c. One (1) Early Childhood Special Education Teacher up to 120 hours

d. One (1) Vision Teacher up to 10 hours

e. Two (2) Special Education Teachers up to 39 hours

f. One (1) Special Education Teacher up to 13 hours

g. Two (2) Special Education Paraprofessionals up to 9 hours

h. Two (2) Special Education Paraprofessionals up to 27 hours each


a. Building LAN Managers (total hours determined by Coordinator based upon need)


a. Booster Club

1. Up to four (4) Bus Drivers June 13 – June 30, 2022 and August 1 – August 11, 2022

b. Swimming Lessons

1. One (1) Bus Driver

June 20 – July 1, 2022

c. Special Education Summer School

1. Up to Two (2) Bus Drivers

2. Up to Two (2) Transportation Assistants

July 19-21, 2022, July 26-28, 2022, and August 23-25, 2022

d. Up to Three (3) Summer Bus Washers

Dates and hours to be determined by the Transportation Supervisor.

Strong Fiscal Management:


A.A motion was made by Wayne Nomeland and seconded by Mike Spears to approve the adoption of MSBA 519 Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies policy. Motion carried.

B.Review MSBA 902 Use of School Facilities policy. This policy will be up for approval at the May 23, 2022 board meeting.

C.Review MSBA 414 Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse policy.

D.A motion was made by Wayne Nomeland and seconded by Craig Mattson to approve the renewal of the following policies w/ changes. Motion carried.

1.MSBA 419 Tobacco-Free Environment; Possession and Use of Tobacco-Related Devices, and Electronic Delivery Devices; Vaping Awareness and Prevention Instruction policy.

2.MSBA 423 Employee-Student Relationships policy.

3.MSBA 427 Workload Limits for Certain Special Education Teacher policy.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:21 p.m.

/s/ Ryan Walseth, Chair

/s/ Michelle Westerman, Clerk