School Superintendent in North Dakota Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

GRIGGS COUNTY, ND ( The Superintendent of Midkota School, Ryan Wayne Baron is in jail on this Tuesday night. He’s being held on a pending charge of Certain Material Prohibited.
Ryan Wayne Baron the superintendent of monota schools in Griggs County North Dakota is in jail on this Tuesday evening on a pending charge of certain materials prohibited child porn uh Baron is a superintendent uh for the elementary school in Benford and the high school in Glenfield midc schools uh he was arrested today and being held on a charge of certain materials prohibited we’ll give you a full look at his booking photo here uh reading from the North Dakota statute uh possession of certain materials prohibited in part that a person knowingly possesses any Motion Picture photograph or other visual representation that includes a sexual conduct by a minor we’ll have more details when formal charges are filed and a likely court appearance on Wednesday I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. Was former student at Tri-County when he was a math teacher. Me and my siblings never liked him and always thought he a was a creep… should probably also reopen the investigation from 2 years where he broke into Tri-County at 1 am in the morning

  2. ABOUT DAMN TIME. Knew he was a creep when I met him in 7th grade and guiltlessly let him know I didn’t like him. Absolute scumbag.
    I hope every adult who kept letting his behavior slide – fellow teachers, administrators, and THE LITERAL SCHOOL BOARD – feel shame for this. Unacceptable.

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