Review of Fatal Shooting in Grand Forks: 4 Injured, Including Police Officer and Woman Fatally Shot

GRAND FORKS, ND ( We have a recap of Wednesday’s deadly shooting in Grand Forks.
oh my god they’re shooting at each other authorization for Altru station or twenty six twenty seven thousand seventeen three twenty six twenty seven thousand seventeenth Street we have shots a fire at one female down oh [ __ ] cops shot when it was over a Grand Forks police officer wound up being shot and killed a Grand Forks County sheriff’s deputy shot and wounded the suspect wounded and a woman at the scene also shot and killed names will be released today County Sheriff’s Office attempted to serve an eviction related paperwork upon Salama Q Pendleton 41 year old resident of this address in apartment number three zero three during this service attempt Salameh Pendleton initiated gunfire against deputies on scene the two deputies called for emergency assistance and officers from multiple agencies including the Grand Forks Police Department respondent states that during the incident that ensued to Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office deputies to Grand Forks PD officers and mr. Pendleton and a female were all of the apartment during the course of this incident mr. Pendleton received gunfire injuries and was transported into being treated at Altru hospital the female occupant received fatal gunfire injuries the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office deputy received non threatening gunfire injuries and is in stable condition in Altru unfortunately one Grand Forks PD officer received fatal gunfire injuries and did not survive I want you to know that not only did the Grand Forks Police Department was an officer the city of Grand Forks lost a community member the Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office will never be the same based upon the injuries to their deputy and what he witnessed as our officer suffered his fatal injuries remember is not how this officer died it is how this officer lived that made him a true hero I would like to close and saying please keep the officers family in your thoughts and prayers and keep all law-enforcement officers families in your thoughts and prayers as they continuously and tirelessly go out and do the job right now we’ve got four police officers even after losing one of their own are on the street protecting the citizens of Grand Forks and I think that’s something that I should be grateful for and the entire citizenry should be grateful for much more on this tragic turn of events in Grand Forks later today I’m Neil Berg reporting for I news TV


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