Rescue Operation in Marshall County, MN Involving Four Individuals in a Vehicle Submerged in River

MARSHALL COUNTY, MN ( Four people had to be rescued from a vehicle that went into the Snake River north of Oslo, Minnesota early Saturday morning.
some breaking news out of Marshall County Minnesota early on this Saturday morning this would be north of Oslo or uh straight north of Grand Forks on the Minnesota side of the river uh we had a car go into the Snake River here’s some of the radio traffic just after midnight please respond to Highway 17 and 220 for report of one vehicle that went into the ditch and is taking on water driver has shoulder injury possibly one occupant drowning we do have deputies and Ste fire and ambulance in rout now as you heard there uh radio traffic and the initial call of possibly one person drowning that did not happen I just talked with a dispatcher in Marshall County early this morning uh no one died in this there were four people in the vehicle that wound up in the ditch Snake River here uh north of Oslo Minnesota uh just some minor injuries we’ll have more detail when they’re available I’m Neil Berg reporting for in


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