Report Of Early Tuesday Morning Rollover On I-29 Near Hillsboro, ND

HILLSBORO, ND ( We have a report of an early Tuesday morning rollover on Interstate-29 near Hillsboro, North Dakota.

• Ice out on I-29 causing problems
• Rollover reported just before 3 A.M. on Tuesday
• Incident occurred at an exit just south of Hillsborough
• One vehicle involved
• Vehicle rolled over in the median
• Emergency services requested to respond
• No information on serious injuries at this time

A rollover was reported just before 3 A.M on Tuesday at the exit just south of Hillsboro on Interstate 29 between Hillsboro and Fargo. The accident occurred in the median. There is no information on any serious injuries. The I-29 has been causing problems due to ice.

Bullet Summary:
– Rollover reported on I-29 between Hillsboro and Fargo
– Accident occurred in the median just south of Hillsboro
– No information on serious injuries
– I-29 has been problematic due to ice