Eric Reinbold, 46, charged with second-degree murder with intent, and second-degree murder while committing assault in the death of Lissette Reinbold, 34, on July 9th, 2021, has been found guilty on both counts.

12 jurors in the trial were given the case and began deliberation at 10:50 this morning. The verdict was handed down at 2:30 pm.

The jury requested clarification on whether Reinbold stabbed Lissette multiple times, and if one of the children who testified during the five-day trial saw the body the day she was killed. A presentence investigation is yet to be scheduled. Judge Tamara Yon and attorneys in the case are looking at a potential hearing date for sentencing and will track the other charges Reinbold is facing, including attempted escape from the Pennington County Jail on or around June 4th.

Bail conditions were revoked and Reinbold will remain in custody until sentencing.