1. The place where i was at was POD A.
    and yes,
    not a great place to breath and smell.
    like why you go here?
    mental health fr.
    This is due to Covid-19 and Bankruped issues.

  2. Health Partners in the Twin Cities is never going back to business as usual.
    They are ending having Primary Care Doctors in Sep Oct when the Globalist had planned to ramp up COVID or let something else "get out."

    Fauci continues flip flapping on masks, isolation, distancing, tests and vaccine this is on purpose to stress out the population since he has a leash now.

    Dr Fauci spent his whole career taking underlings work as his own then either by incompetence or design his creations cause death not life.

    Appointed by Pres Geo HW Bush he used his connection to the CIA to intimidate colleagues and he played the part of top researcher well and involved supervisors as unwilling coconspirators to make them cover up his failures.

    His a wife is head of NIH Lab Safety and. Bioethics which I am sure is very helpful to Dr Fauci but a glaring conflict of interest that has been very bad for the American Public.

    He had a twin brother from another mother that worked at the CDC as gate keeper, spy on Lyme Support and advocacy groups that spent hundreds of thousands on articles in every Newspaper, TV, Radio and Magazine. They took money meant for health and from Big Pharma to mount Seminars giving out deliberate information and telling Treating Physitians Lyme Patients were crazy malingerers, a cult the hunted doctors to destroy their practice or were violent, munchaussen or Munchhaussen by proxy for Parents trying to get help for their sick kids.

    During this time all Public Health was seen as anti-
    National security. Public Health was pushed out of those Agencies and controlling the narrative saved non- Goverment insurance profits.

    Three vaccines were neck and neck but one everyone in those Agencies were invested in. It made more than 20% of the population instantly get an incurable auto immune reaction that like Lyme stole lives by totally disabling recipients in under 2 years and like Lyme would take 20-30 years off lifespan but I cannot prove it because almost all research was dropped when a huge Pharmaceutical company had to pull it off the market before the big money was made. The mother two vaccines were left unused That is where things sat until the people put on a Congressional task Force inlet their huge ego get in the way of leaving Lyme Patients untreated and shunned. This breakthrough I battled for off and on for 46 years but Betty Smith LDA in actually was physically assaulted, harassed in ways most people are just learning about with covid and devoted her life to make the CDC to acknowledge Persistent Lyme and there for can get treatment anywhere and have insurance pay for the treatment.

    Because no govt or academic research was allowed it fell to Physitions doing self financed Clinical trials %I make progress on an enhanced disease Plum Island Level 4 Lab on an island near LI NY and Lyme CT lost another bio weapon into the wild. I was cured about 2012 after years of debility and having to path to be in trials in several states. I was infected in 1974.

    If you think the CDC NIH or FDA care about treatment or cure for COVID you are going to be very disappointed. Those things don't happen in those Agencies because Public Health is no longer their mission and they have become gate keepers along with Bill Gates, Eugenicist who bought up the emerging Diseases labs, charities and Support Groups.

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