News Release 01-15-21

On 01/08/21, a Red Lake County resident reported they had been a victim of check forgery. The resident’s bank, which is located in another jurisdiction, was aware of the situation and will be handling the investigation.

On the evening of 01/08/21, a criminal complaint was filed and an arrest warrant was issued for Bobby Dale Turner (34) of Oklee. The complaint alleges Mr. Turner engaged in criminal sexual conduct with another person who was under the age of 16 years, and Mr. Turner was also in a position of authority when committing these acts. These offenses occurred multiple times between January 2016 and October 2020. Mr. Turner was arrested by Red Lake County deputies at his home in Oklee. He was taken to the jail in Crookston and was booked on two counts of felony criminal sexual conduct crimes. He appeared in Court in Crookston on 01/11/21. Mr. Turner posted $1,000 cash bail and was released from custody. He must also abide by other conditions set by the Court, including not having any contact with the victim.

Bobby Dale Turner
Bobby Dale Turner

On the evening of 01/08/21, the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a car/deer crash on CR. #1 east of Plummer. The reporter claimed the driver was injured, so a deputy responded and the Oklee Ambulance was also dispatched to the scene. The driver was treated for minor injuries at the scene but was not taken to the hospital.

On the morning of 01/11/21, the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report of possible vandalism to some construction equipment that was parked near the pipeline right-of-way northwest of Plummer. A deputy responded and found that a valve on the fuel line of an excavator had been tampered with and a very small amount of diesel fuel had leaked out of the machine. No other damage occurred. That report is still under investigation.

On the afternoon of 01/13/21, the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a theft of money from a residence in Red Lake Falls. That case remains under investigation.

Mitch Bernstein 01/15/21