Recovery Effort Continues for Pickup Where Man Died After Falling Through Ice on Lake Bemidji, MN

BEMIDJ, MN ( Crews are trying to recover a pickup from under the ice, where a man died on Lake Bemidji on Christmas Eve.
a recovery effort underway on this new year’s eve this is on lake bemidji at uh diamond point right near downtown bemidji uh they’re working to get a truck uh pickup truck out from under the ice that fell in on christmas eve uh john classen iii died his girlfriend escaped uh they’ve been working here basically they’ll past couple of days uh working to get the uh truck out apparently it’s a pickup that also has a snow plow attached to it so they’ve been having trouble getting it out from under the ice but we have a crew on scene and they’ll uh we should have a shot of that being pulled out when it gets out here again crews working to recover a pickup that fell in lake bemidji on christmas eve uh check back later for an update on this story i’m neil carlson reporting for inews dot tv


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