Recent Increase in Illegal Canadian Border Crossings into North Dakota

NECHE, ND ( We have some answers regarding TRF News viewer questions about a recent jump in illegal border crossing over the Canadian border in Northeast North Dakota.
we’ve had a lot of uh questions over the past couple weeks from I news viewers messages regarding illegal immigrants and border crossings uh getting the answers from multiple federal agencies isn’t as easy as you might think but we got a few now I just talked with David Marcus public affairs with the US border patrol uh in the last uh last week 19 people were picked up this is up by nichie this uh vehicle they tried to cross the Canadian border and uh yesterday another 15 people were picked up in the nichy North Dakota area up an extreme Northeastern North Dakota now here’s the surprising part uh public affairs person Marcus says uh all these people were likely already in the United States and crossed back over to Canada and didn’t want to go through the border so they got stuck trying to cross between border crossing um and they’re all family units from Romania and most of them already have a court appearance dates set with uh ice so they they did not come on a Visa so um that brings us to Grand Forks where we also got messages why are there so many people lined up at this office here on uh 6th Street in gr Forks North 6th Street well this is an ice office immigration Customs Enforcement those people awaiting uh court dates uh have to check in and that explains the uh long lines of people uh once in a while at this office now again uh Customs uh border patrol does not uh they need they have to release them because they can’t put family units into jail for long periods of time so they’re simply let loose it’s not uh the public affairs officer didn’t really know for sure why they’d be in the United States and then went back up to Canada and came back across uh but at this point it’s just all part of the big problem that’s not being fixed part of that pending uh border security legislation would greatly increase the court system and officers and uh uh more quickly have people deported and or given a chance to apply for citizenship to go through the process but there’s simply not enough people to do that now and the will just keep coming until there’s some actual legislation in place to fix many of these problems I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. We already have a halal store in town. Soon we will be overwhelmed. We need to vote out the current city council/MAYOR. As if the Chinese fiasco wasn’t enough. These people are obviously agenda 30/WEF/United Nations/Deep State cronies. American patriots please wake up.

  2. all that money repubs claim is for border security,,is bribes and kickbacks to contractors down south, ie building facilities and walls,, it actually does not help

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