Rape and Kidnapping Crimes Linked to Hells Angels Headquarters in Minnesota Iron Range

EVELETH, MN (trfnews.i234.me) Two suspects have been arrested in connection to a rape and kidnapping case in Eveleth, Minnesota that’s tied to the Hells Angels headquarters in that town.
two suspects arrested in connection to
an kidnapping and assault case up on the
Iron Range in evth Minnesota at the
Hell’s Angels headquarters in that town
uh this again from the Minnesota
Department of Public Safety quote two
men have been arrested in connection
with a kidnapping and assault that took
place over multiple days in the city of
evth both have been booked into the St
Louis County Jail in duth Paul Anthony
dbolic uh 37 of elth was booked on
probably cause of criminal sexual
conduct Jason Austin Hol 29 of evth was
booked on probable cause criminal sexual
conduct and kidnapping the incident
began on or around November 27th at a
private residence in the city’s North
End a woman was sexually assaulted
assaulted and beaten a man was kidnapped
and taken to 413 Grant Avenue in evth as
you can see the uh Hell’s Angels
headquarters in that town uh where he
was held against his will and beaten for
an extended period of time the victims
eventually escaped and flood the city
they reported the incident on December
1st to the Bureau of Criminal
apprehension which launched an
investigation the victims are in stable
condition additional information about
the victims is being withheld at this
time BCA agents and crime scene
Personnel along with the St Louis County
Sheriff’s Office evth Gilbert Police
Department investigators are conducting
interviews and executing multiple search
warrants in and around evth uh this is
an active and ongoing investigation
additional updates will be provided as
the investigation Pro progresses I’m
Neil Berg reporting for in


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