“Queer-Straight Alliance” Stirs Controversy At Baudette, Minnesota School

BAUDETTE, MN (NLREGION.com) The “Queer-Straight Alliance” a support group for LGBTQ students, started by students at the Lake of the Woods School in Baudette, Minnesota is stirring controversy.


  1. We had this group in high school. Nobody cares lol only people who live out in the middle of nowhere that are out of touch and less diversified. I graduated in 09 so we’re talking 2005 when I first heard it in school. Nobody even talked about it unless you were in the group and we had the biggest school in the city. If everybody just minds their own business and teach your own kids whatever you’d like, there wouldn’t be drama. Really that simple. If your kid is gay they’re gunna be gay lol you stopping a after school group isn’t gunna help it smh

  2. GOD says if anyone causes a little one to sin that it would be better for them if a millstone were wrapped around his neck and that person be thrown into the sea. People really need to get the fear of GOD because God is love but you cause another person to sin or continue in sin will be held accountable to GOD and GOD says it is a horrible things to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD. You had better make it a moral decision and NO WE DO NOT HAVE TOLERANCE TO THE DEVIL COMING TO TAKE OUT THE KIDS.

  3. What are the age groups? Are you talking about coping skills? Is it discussed about how to have a conversation with mom and dad? What are the qualifications of the persons who oversee this group? If this is solely about saying "Oh, you want to be girl? Well, you can do that! I can help you turn into a boy or girl! I'll help you transform and be a real girl or boy! You shouldn't be able to do that…NOPE! And, are you equally promoting education on how social media creates social phenomena called "social contagion", and that because it, youth identifying as trans-gendered is skyrocketing? And children need to learn the impact of social media on perceptions! Is that part of this group? I assert that analysis (sponsored by Rueters; research conducted by health technology company Komodo Health Inc to analyze its database of U.S. insurance claims and other medical records on about 330 million Americans) has found that at least 121,882 children ages 6 to 17 were diagnosed with gender dysphoria in the five years to the end of 2021. More than 42,000 of those children were diagnosed just last year, up 70% from 2020. So, before you pander to a contagion tread carefully, cover all angles, and never use your position with children to promote your political interests.

  4. People need to realise that protesting and getting upset over silly things like this just lowers our credibility on the things that actually matter. This group was founded in the 80's by the way, has been a part of most universities for several decades now. If you want to die on a hill, pick one of strategic importance, rather than just making people hate conservative ideology for being intolerant. Right now they are just making conservatives with legitimate concerns for the future of public education look bad.

    My school had a similar club for watching Japanese cartoons, and another one that was dedicated to sitting in the science wing hallway to eat their lunch on Fridays. People trying to stop harmless community supportinterest groups like this is why the movement is starting to get rowdy. If you had a group of people giving you crap for your lifestyle you would probably meet them with anger and frustration as well, actually we have been for quite a while now. It's a two way street and both sides are blowing massive potholes in it.

    If they had a class you could fail by saying there are only two sexes, then we have a problem. Especially if said course is mandated.

    Let's just focus on not removing small engines and carpentry classes to make room for another pottery class.

  5. "We have to have tolerance"
    Give that man a raise. And for all the evangelical, brain washed, anti-Jesus, hillbillies who are so scared of anything different in this world…too bad, get over it. Righteousness isnt on your side when it comes to your attacks on LGBTQIA+ people.

  6. We do not tolerate the devil taking over our children, our schools, our cities, our states. You all need to get SERIOUS about what you let into offices who are in charge or have authority over people and especially over children. God has never ever said we are to tolerate evil. Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil, not tolerate him and his minions who are killing our kids and mocking GOD.

  7. These young ones are trying to meet after school to support each other emotionally and to learn from each other. Sharing your frustrations and pain shouldn't be an observable activity by "adults". Good for them, I pray they find ways to live in the world with love and understanding. Maybe we all need to have more of that for all children. If a group wanted to share the pain of abuse, drugs and isolation, I say yes, fantastic. Our future depends upon it. And there are lots of private schools for those who want to provide a certain type of education. There's so much room in education for love, truth and healing, most of all, acceptance. My heart is happy that the children see it and are addressing it. Sounds to me they're asking for a room, not a thesis on how we have failed our culture. They didn't do that. We did. Prayers and love to them.

  8. Good, lets start a pedephile group and an animal beastiality group. Lets go kids!!! Get creative, how to grow weed groups, how to make alcohol.



    Hey kids!! Where is the mental health support group? Any suicidal kids? Any legitimate bi-polar, Schizophrenic support? Why are you worried about what you are doing with you genitals in the privacy of your own relationships? If you aren't raping, molesting, pedephiling and everything is consensual, No one f*cking cares what your preference is. No one in the real world cares if you like to suck tally wackers or give face. Most of us are worried about real life issues. You know, food, water, shelter….staying healthy and alive.

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