Public Feedback Invited for Minnesota State Flag and Seal Redesign

Public Invited To Provide Feedback For Flag and Seal Submission Finalists

The Minnesota State Emblems Redesign Commission has reached a crucial phase in the process of reshaping the state’s flag and seal. After carefully selecting submission finalists, the public is now encouraged to participate by providing feedback on the designs. According to the Minnesota Historical Society, the emphasis is on ensuring that the chosen designs accurately and respectfully represent the state’s shared history, resources, and diverse cultural communities.

For those interested in contributing their opinions, the opportunity to submit comments on each of the individual designs is available. This inclusive approach allows the community to actively engage in shaping the symbols that represent Minnesota.

The commission’s responsibility is to certify its chosen designs and present a comprehensive report to the legislature and governor by no later than January 1st. This timeline underscores the significance of public input in the finalization of designs that will stand as visual representations of Minnesota’s identity.


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