Thief River Falls Police Department cases

Christina Dawn Pribyl, 41, Thief River Falls, statutory stay of adjudication for a gross misdemeanor charge of fifth-degree controlled substance crime – over 0.25 grams and continued, $1,125 (including a $1,000 reimbursement for a public defender), unsupervised probation for one year, another charge of gross misdemeanor fifth-degree controlled substance crime was dismissed.


Santana Re Porter, 30, Thief River Falls, no seat belt worn, $110.

Roen Grey Aronson, 22, Centuria, Wis., 40/30, $125

Ashalon Rose Asmus, 23, Karlstad, driving after revocation, $285

Sean Michael Greisen, 51, Red Lake Falls, 40/30, $125

Karin Marie Hanson, 64, Thief River Falls, 40/30, $125

Erica Ann Hartig, 23, Thief River Falls, wireless communications device – initiate, compose, send, retrieve, read an electronic message, $135

Tammy Lynn Hingos, 57, Thief River Falls, a charge of public nuisance – unreasonably annoys dismissed

Courtney Alyssa Johnson, 21, St. Hilaire, disorderly conduct, $185, 10 days in jail stayed for one year

Tanner J. Miller, 19, Salol, duty to drive with due care, $125.

Minnesota State Patrol cases

Salvador Fernando Perez, 49, Helotes, Texas, 88/60, $285

Chelsey Gail Sorvig, 34, St. Hilaire, 80/55, $225

Misty Dawn Manderud, 45, Thief River Falls, 72/60, $135

Brian Adrian Metelak, 46, Thief River Falls, 65/60, $125

Steven Dewayne Gordon, 42, Wellsville, Kansas, 77/60, $145

Gary William Hanley, 28, St. Paul, 85/60, $225

August Jason Cheeney, 28, Thief River Falls, no driver’s license in possession, $105

Eric Jason Fajardo Maralit, 25, Marietta, Ga., 40/30, $125.

Joseph Robert Kilen, 36, Thief River Falls, 70/55, $145

Stephen Mark Kucala, 34, Ramsey, violation of Hands-Free Law – initiate/compose/send/retrieve/read electronic message, $135

Emil Harbott, 86, Thief River Falls, no seat belt worn, $110

James Warren Kevin Hiemstra, 50, Thief River Falls, violation of Move Over Law – failure to reduce speed until passed, $135

Jorge A. Arce Espinoza, 27, Thief River Falls, instruction permit violation (18 years or older), $135

Randall Jay Zaviska, 53, Thief River Falls, a charge of no proof of insurance dismissed.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources case

Randall Allen Audette, 51, Viking, hunting deer without a license, $85, 10 days in jail stayed for 180 days, forfeit firearm to the DNR.

Pennington County Sheriff’s Office cases

Andrew Ryan Brang, 20, Thief River Falls, failure to slow at a yield sign, $135

Marlan Duane Sorenson, 56, Plummer, failure to yield at an intersection, $135.