Officials Update Location of Disturbing Sexual Assault in Bemidji, MN

BEMIDJI, MN ( Officials have now changed the location of where a shocking sexual attack happened in Bemidji, Minnesota. The facts of the case are generally the same. However, the location of the actual assault is at a different location.
we have a shocking update regarding our story Tuesday about a crime scene investigation here at 1821 America Court Northwest in Bemidji and we have a change to this story as of this Thursday afternoon the prosecutor is amending the criminal complaint which I knew stories are based on I just talked with the chief of police Mike Masson who says everything in this case happened here at 1821 America Court Northwest again the original criminal complaint listed the attack as happening at a different location but the chief says everything happened here the facts of this story remain the same however Chief Mastin does say at this point they have not been able to confirm there were two other girls in the attack at this point one man has been charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct 22 year old Oscar Luna of Mission Texas allegedly rape an 11 year old girl who was tied up in this home at this point only Luna is charged but as many as three other men took part in the rape of three girls according to the criminal complaint the eleven-year-old girl’s relative took her to this home and forced her to get drunk the victim reported she was tied up nude and there were two other girls tied up on either side of her the victim stated there were four Mexican men present who touched her private parts the touching included penetrating her vagina with her hands and genitals and the men did not use a condom the medical report says the 11 year old victim had bruising all over her body including her genitals and abrasions consistent with rope Burns now according to the criminal complaint during a second interview the 11 year old victim stated at some point during all this a 16 year old girl on Tighter and she was able to get away she says but then a a man named Panda grabbed the girl who untied her and threw her down the stairs again at this point no word yet on what happened with the other victims and suspects in this case the description of one of the men LED authorities to Oscar Luna who lives here at 1821 America Court Northwest in Bemidji during the search multiple items containing blood were located again at this time only Oscar Luna has been charged but several other non-english speaking men were present at the home but no word yet on what multiple items containing blood were located actually means but blood samples and the DNA provided in them could be used to provide links to this crime and possibly other crimes and missing people and we’ve uncovered one other strange occurrence here recently the natural gas meter and gas line up to the house were ripped away from the house and had to be replaced was someone trying to cause an explosion and fire here to just destroy the evidence the house held well we just don’t know at this point the prosecution is waiting for evidence to be analyzed that could point the finger at others in this shocking case I’m the old Carlson reporting for


  1. Traffickers are everywhere especially low income poverty stricken areas where they seem to have no problem blending in. fentynal is one of there main tools people are hooked so bad they would trade my life or yours for it. I doubt they would have no problem trading younger family members to these sick fucks. Thats where all the missing youth end up fucking sad, this drug has really got peoples soul's

  2. "During the execution of the search warrant, 22-year-old Oscar Ernesto Luna was arrested on a warrant from Hennepin County and also charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Beltrami County.

    There were several other people located and identified at the same address, 11 of whom were transported by U.S. Border Patrol to be processed as illegal immigrants, the release said."

  3. When we have other countries opening their jails and our country is letting criminals (along with victims) in without issue these reports will continue, so many I’m sure are unreported as well. God help us all.

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