Cheryl Ann Thorpe, born May 20th, 1970 in Banbury Oxon, England daughter to Carol Olson and step daughter to Gene Olson. She was the sister of Debbie, Mark and Dean Thorpe. Mother of 3 beautiful children, Yamaya Thorpe 29, Devon Thorpe 26 and Keshawn Thorpe 20, and grandma of 2 beautiful grandchildren Lorenzo Valerio 5 and Eliana Thorpe 2.

Cheryl had a happy childhood growing up with a passion of cooking. Cheryl started working for the military as a cook, cooking became her passion. At family events and parties people made sure Cheryl was in charge of at least three or more dishes.

Being introduced to the military lifestyles, Cheryl married a soldier and with her three children they now began a new life. Being offered the opportunity to travel around the world, Cheryl made sure her family was happy and had everything they needed.

She cherished being a mother, making sure her kids grew up happy and were able to take on whatever the world had to offer, she successfully succeeded!

Cheryl hobbies were cooking, cleaning, shopping, being cuddled up with her warm blankets on the couch as she watched her favorite British tv shows and decorating her home.

Cheryl was a warm-hearted person and everyone around her saw that in her. Cheryl will be loved and missed by many.

Everyone will remember Cheryl being the life of the party. When you heard Cheryl, you knew it was about to be a great time. With her beautiful smile and laughter that would make you smile from ear to ear.

Her kids will miss her blasting her favorite songs on the weekend while deep cleaning the house. They will always think of her while ordering a large greasy pepperoni pizza, Cheryl loved pizza.

Favorite memories:

  • Mom, I’ll miss you calling my phone 100 times a day just to ask what I’m doing or if I ate. I’ll miss you calling me Kesh Kesh. – Keshawn Thorpe
  • Mom, All the beautiful memories we have together will keep me going, you were such a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. – Yamaya Thorpe
  • Mom, I’ll miss you driving me to work and picking me up and asking 500 questions about my day. Thank you for raising me into the person I am today. – Devon Thorpe.

Cheryl is finally at peace, she will continue looking over her family. She will never be forgotten, just a beautiful memory.