Nicholas Poitra Charged with Murder in Bar Shooting Case

SHEYENNE, ND ( We now have more details surrounding a murder at Rindys Bar in Sheyenne, North Dakota Sunday night. Formal charges have now been filed against Nicholas Poitra, who remains on the run on this Tuesday afternoon.
a formal charges have now been filed against Nicholas poitra the man charged in the murder of troyal thumb of uh Spirit Lake North Dakota this is in that shooting death Sunday night at the rindy’s bar in Cheyenne North Dakota charges just filed he’s been charged with intentional murder seven counts of terrorizing with a dangerous weapon six adults and one child uh robbery with a dangerous weapon possession of a firearm by a felon he has prior convictions for burglary and theft plus possession of a short-fariled shotgun according to the criminal complaint quote at approximately 7 pm on Sunday at the Cheyenne bar in Cheyenne North Dakota victim six arrived for work president was the defendant and several other patrons including victims one two three four seven eight and nine victim six began work behind the bar top of serving the defendant uh poitra a drink shortly thereafter TT entered the bar uh troyal thumb and sat at the bar where victim six also served him a drink at some point uh thumb and the defendant uh poitra exchanged a few words at the bar victim six was standing behind the bar top with her minor child victim seven when she saw a Flash and the sound of a gunshot she saw the defendant poitra shoot uh thumb and immediately duck behind the bar to protect her child victim 4 was able to run out of the bar and call 9-1-1 the defendant then came around the bar top and pointed the gun at victims six and seven and grabbed the security camera footage that was plugged in victim 9 ran to the minor child grabbed them and flood the bar to protect them moments later the defendant pointed the weapon a short barreled shotgun at the patrons left in the bar victims one two three four and eight and demanded they turned over their cell phones he also demanded victims one and two give him the keys to their vehicle later identified to be a 2013 Ford Explorer uh poitra then exited the bar through the back door fleeing in the vehicle belonging to the victims when law enforcement arrived on the scene poitra had already fled and thumb was discovered to be without a pulse he was later declined declared dead by EMTs due to a gunshot wound to the head that was from the criminal complaint now as we told you earlier the sheriff says that that stolen vehicle was found at a farm set over in Wells County and it appeared that poitra had gone through the residence and may have more weapons and may have been getting assistance from someone who picked him up as of 3 P.M on this Tuesday afternoon he remains at large charges filed I’m Neil Berg reporting for


  1. How traumatizing can it get? The victims in the bar did what they could and should have, if I had a child in there, well I don't know how it gets any worse; except to be shot for nothing. Prayers to Troyal Thumb's family and friends. This is not Poitra's first rodeo, I hope he's in prison until it's his last. Thanks for reporting, Neal. Prayers to New Rockford.

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