New Grand Forks Mayor swiftly removes longtime Administrative Assistant

GRAND FORKS, ND ( With less than 24 hours on the job, new Grand Forks Mayor Bochinski has removed Pete Hage from his job as an administrative assistant.
newly elected grand forks mayor Brandon bow chin ski was just sworn into office on Tuesday night on this Wednesday evening he’s shown the door to administrative assistant Pete Vega this in from the city mayor Brandon buchinsky has decided to vacate the position of community government relations officer in light of the need to trim budgets due to significant revenue shortfalls in realignment of the mayor’s office community government relations officer Pete Haga has a long history with the city of Grand Forks he has worked tirelessly on numerous important initiatives throughout this time with the city and will and always for the betterment of the community as a whole in conjunction with the city’s termination of his contract mister Haga has offered to forgo the contractual 90 days of guaranteed unemployment following the mayoral oath of office helping to preserve funds and support mayor buchinsky in having a strong start to his bold new course quote it was a necessary decision to further my initiatives to be a full-time mayor and lower administrative costs within City Hall Mayor buchinsky said I will complete the duties of the mayor for the same compensation as the previous mayor but with less administrative staff mr. Haga has shown tremendous professionalism and respect to ensure a smooth transition mayor goo schinsky joins the City of Grand Forks in thanking mr. Haga for his 23 years of service and wishing him the best in the future I’m Neil Berg reporting for I news dot TV


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