Naked woman runs down street, painfully biting her own fingers

NECHE, ND ( We have a very strange story out of Neche, North Dakota. Pembina County Sheriff, Terry Meidinger tells TRF News, that late Friday afternoon a nude woman was running down the street, biting off her own fingers.
we have a strange bizarre case out of Nichi North Dakota up along the Canadian border in piman County uh I just talked with Sheriff Terry minger who said this happened late Friday afternoon a new woman was running down the uh Street when she was stopped first by the border patrol and he showed up on scenes the sheriff said she had broken mangled fingers that she had been biting herself and it appeared she had multiple stab wounds to her legs uh the sheriff says she was apparently high on something uh she was uh taken into custody uh detained and immediately transported to Sanford hospital in Fargo apparently high on something I’m Neil Berg reporting for I


  1. Hey Neil.. I live in the Twin Cities and I never see this kind of reporting I'm assuming that it happens everywhere. Any idea why it isn't reported here? Or is it just the fact that it's really wild up north?. Thanks

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