Monday Weather Forecast From Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS, ND ( Your Monday weather forecast from UND’s Atmospheric Sciences in Grand Forks.
happy monday everyone thank you so much for tuning in to your news weather update my name is caitlin connell and outside right now we have some clouds over our sky as well as a beautiful blue sky peeking out we are sitting pretty at 50 degrees here in grand forks but beware it is a pretty windy day with a north northwest wind sustained at 22 miles per hour right now the almanac for yesterday shows that we are closer to an average temperature with a high of 68 yesterday our average high is 63 our low is 42 our average low is 36 so not too shabby we’re finally getting closer to that average set of temperatures for us our winds right now we see stronger winds south of us with 32 miles per hour in marshall 26 in fargo yet 17 up in minot nationwide temperatures show some pretty warm temperatures with 90 degrees down in san antonio 87 in miami yet a nice cold pool of air sitting pretty over the rockies with 41 degrees in denver right now temperatures right now we see 54 down in fargo 48 over in minot and 55 in bismarck our nationwide satellite and radar show some snow and rain event happening over the denver areas well spreading into the rockies that is associated with their cooler temperatures so that kind of explains it yet two low pressure systems one in oklahoma and one in wisconsin is producing some storms along the east coast unfortunately we see the complete opposite here in grand forks we will see some skies begin to clear later tonight not as much tonight but we will see clear skies tomorrow so break out those sunglasses for tomorrow but as this low pressure system gets closer to us come tomorrow night we do have a chance of some rain stay tuned for umd’s weather update for updates on that but tonight we are dropping down to about 30 down in fargo-moorhead 28 in bismarck and 26 up in minot future weather tomorrow very similar to today with 56 in fargo 62 in bismarck and 59 up in minot here in grand forks we’re dropping down to about 28 tonight we will be below freezing actually with partly cloudy skies once again those clouds will be tapering off as the night goes on but those winds are tapering off just a little bit with gusts up to 20 miles per hour possible and unfortunately those winds will come right back for us gusting up to 25 tomorrow but good news is that we will be a hair warmer tomorrow with 53 is our high you want to get outside and soak up the sun but bear through the winds in our seven day forecast we do see in the next seven days we don’t have a chance of some thunderstorms but to be honest i’ve always wanted to use this background and never have been able to so here it is our seven day forecast we do see a slight warming trend getting up to 59 on thursday and possibly friday some days of sunshine coming on tuesday and friday but saturday and sunday do bring a slight chance of some rain on both days with highs of 57 degrees on both days thank you so much for tuning in to your news weather update my name is caitlin connell and it has been a pleasure doing you new weather update for you at home

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