Today Governor Tim Walz announced he is prepared to immediately extradite the individuals suspected of committing the recent shooting at the Mall of America. The Governor, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman will coordinate to ensure the swift extradition of the suspects, who were apprehended yesterday afternoon in Chicago, back to Minnesota.


“Minnesotans deserve to know that people who commit brazen acts like the shooting at the Mall of America will be held accountable by Minnesota prosecutors and courts,” said Governor Walz. “I am ready to act quickly to extradite the suspects who fled to Chicago. We will not delay in ensuring that these individuals face justice here in Minnesota.”


“I want to thank law enforcement for locating these individuals and Governor Walz for acting swiftly to extradite them to Minnesota for prosecution,” said Hennepin County Attorney Freeman. “I will ensure that they will be held accountable for their actions, which endangered dozens if not hundreds of people at the Mall of America. These brazen and reckless public shootings are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”  


“We cannot allow violent criminals to flee Minnesota’s borders,” said Attorney General Ellison. “My office is ready to work with the Governor to expedite the Hennepin County Attorney’s extradition request.”


Under Minnesota law, the Governor is authorized to issue interstate extradition warrants, and Governor Walz issues approximately 100 warrants each year. The interstate extradition process allows for the return of criminal suspects who have fled from justice. Extraditions allow prosecutors and courts to hold fugitives accountable in Minnesota and around the country.


Yesterday, Governor Walz announced that the State Patrol and Bureau of Criminal Apprehension will continue their unprecedented presence in the Twin Cities through the State Fair. He also announced that Metro Transit will increase patrol visibility to deter crime at and around its metro stations.